Teri’s Tales

Swarna Discovers Indochina

School children-Laos

“I am a solo traveler and I could not have planned the trips without Teri’s help. It is a pleasure to work with her. She brainstorms and points out important factors to consider and most of all she is a good listener. With her help, I went to Indochina in 2012 and recently to South [...]

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Zoe Gives Alms

Mnks marching along early 5AM for alms

“Teri is a fabulous travel agent. I am impressed with her travel and living experiences in Southeast Asia. She recommended Travel Indochina for my last year’s trip to Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia. Teri was very helpful with making reservations, advising me about visas and insurance and other important tips. One of my special experiences [...]

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Susheela Sees Lions

Web Lions

“My cousin and I took a vacation to South Africa and Teri arranged our journey. We had such a great time! Our travel group was small 16 in all and we helped each other and also got along beautifully. We used to go on safari at 6am to see the animals. We saw so many [...]

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The Johnson Family Treks Mustang


“Most importantly, Teri hooked us up with perhaps the very best guide-porter team in all of Nepal. The prospect of spending two and a half weeks with someone you have never met can be intimidating, but our trekking guide, Purna, was thoroughly professional, knowledgeable, and (bonus) entirely likeable. He had obviously trekked the Upper Mustang [...]

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Bo & the Wish Fulfilling Tree

Bo has taken a huge step forward in his art of painting local scenarios–Angel Island, Dunphy Park and the sailboats against the Golden Gate. I notice lately that his colors are brighter and the self- portraits in corners have changed the expressions on their faces from fear to hope. One may even call the looks [...]

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Could Be Anywhere

I stopped by the Mill Valley Market yesterday to post a flyer on their bulletin board about my upcoming tour to JAZZMANDU 2012 only to find a Russian man with a small soup cart giving out samples of his organic soups now being sold by the grocer. Tasting his fine food and asking pertinent questions [...]

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My goal is to weed through the boxes that have been stacked and untouched in our storage unit for the past 6 years. I figure if I hadn’t had a reason until now to paw through anyone of them not marked photos or memories then they can be easily called unnecessary. Thumbing through some old [...]

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Days are getting shorter. I feel the morning air’s crispness and begin to feel like a mother hen making our home comfy for the winter to come. I think about the many years before at this time I busied myself with packing for yet another jaunt abroad unable to comprehend what adventures awaited me but [...]

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A friend I know from Port Townsend now living in Maine visited last week. Like myself, Lee has traveled many countries, unlike myself he has sailed around the world in a steel boat that he constructed himself. Conversation subjects bounced from people we once knew to favorite places and included weird experiences, some good and [...]

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Teri’s Road

Teri in Sikkim

Teri’s Tales are my stories from the road recalled due to surprising daily events which combined help me make my life make sense. Subject matter may be about the place, the culture, but always about the people who I meet along the way. There are always lessons with “road signs” if we are paying attention [...]

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