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Mexico & Latin America are closeby
but unique in culture and environment.

This is how best to describe out neighbors. Latin America refers to territories in America where the Spanish or Portuguese languages and cultures prevail: Mexico, most of Central and South America, and in the Caribbean.

Sample Itineraries:

Discover Colorful San Miguel de Allende (10 days)


Departure: Upon request San Miguel de Allende has a reputation as a haven for artists. Since the 1950s, when Diego Rivera worked there, San Miguel de Allende has attracted painters, sculptors and printmakers. On the streets, it is not unusual to see someone sketching people on the street. Stroll beautiful streetscapes with narrow cobblestone lanes [...]

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Discover the Art of San Miguel de Allende w/Workshop (12 days)


Departure Upon Request San Miguel de Allende has attracted painters, sculptors and print makers since the 1950s, when Diego Rivera worked there. Discover the art of this colorful town and learn about its exciting history. Visit local artisans and hear their insights and secrets into how they create their paintings and sculptures. Meet expatriates and [...]

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Peru Rainforest Photo Adventure w/Jeff Cremer


Departures: Upon request Join award-winning National Geographic published travel photographer Jeff Cremer on a Peru photo adventure into its Amazon rainforest. Travel by boat to your lodge in the rainforest reserve. You will learn about the forest, its community as well as photography techniques used to get those exotic shots! Photography is done early morning, [...]

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Chile-Land of Contrasts (11 days)


Perched between its spectacular Pacific coastline and Andes Mountains, Chile offers a wide variety of climates and landscapes ranging from the Atacama Desert, the rainiest spot on the planet with a Mediterranean landscape in the center, an Alpine district in the mid-south and fjords in the deep south. Now’s your chance to see Chile and [...]

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World Heritage Colombia (15 days)


A cultural tour of Colombia (Departure every Tuesday) Colombia has come alive again and invites you to visit. This journey not only covers the most important historical sites but the scenic sites of this fascinating South American country as well. A rich insight into the cultures and panoramas of Colombia are the main focus of [...]

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Discover Nature Patagonia (14 Days)

Glacier Patagonia

Experience one of the world’s most pristine wilderness settings on this adventure trip to Patagonia. With specialized guides you get to know in detail this paradise through diving, sea kayaking, hiking, boat excursions and glacier walking. Discover Puerto Madryn and Puerto Deseado (the treasure trove of wildlife), encounter the Perito Moreno Glacier and hike El [...]

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Discover the Mayans (18 days)


This tour is a cultural mix of volcanic beauty, ancient Mayan ruins, sparkling Caribbean beaches and colorful colonial towns. Traveling from Mexico’s famous beachside city, Cancun, to the idyllic shores of Playa del Carmen, this trip combines anitquity with adventure. Experience an official new Wonder of the World, Chichen Itza, in Mexico and learn Mayan [...]

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World Heritage Bolivia (14 days)

220px-Bolivia_la_paz_literacy_LOC 2

A cultural tour of Bolivia (Departure daily) High up in the Andes is landlocked Bolivia, the Tibet of the Americas. Explore the cultural wealth of the country, as it has the highest concentration of indigenous people, who to this day maintain their traditional ways and beliefs. Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the [...]

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Discover Peru with Amazon Cruise (16 Days)


(Departure April – December) No trip can be more exciting than one which includes history, culture, adventure and transport by rail and by cruise. This concise tour to Peru is for the adventurous at heart who wishes to still travel at a comfort level. Explore the colonial heritage of Peru’s capital, Lima, before embarking on [...]

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Discover Paradise: Ecuador & the Galapagos (12 days)


Explore the lushness of Ecuador on foot, by bus, boat, canoe, zipline, raft and yacht in this active adventure tour. With more than 1600 species of birds, plus 38 more in the Galapagos, 106 endemic reptiles, 138 endemic amphibians, and 6,000 species of butterfly, it is paradise for nature lovers. Explore colonial Quito and shop [...]

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World Heritage Ecuador ( 10 days)


A cultural tour of Ecuador (Departures Sep, Oct & Nov) Geographically Ecuador is a small country yet uniquely endowed with a dramatic topography and a variety of climatic zones, vegetation, birds and wildlife. Without ever leaving the country, the traveller can move in a matter of hours from jungle-rainforest to the high slopes of the [...]

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Best of Chile & Argentina


We do more Than Asia Departures March – November Sip Argentina’s trademark wine on a vineyard tour near Mendoza, Admire the dramatic scenery of Chile’s Lakes District, Sample tasty local delicacies in Bariloche, Discover the elegance and charm of Buenos Aires. Best of Chile & Argentina is a concise tour of great food, salsa dancing, [...]

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Gold of Peru (14 days)


Departure June – September Peru is known for the Andes Mountains which run parallel to the Pacific Ocean and define the three regions that describe the country geographically – the costa (coast), the sierra (highlands) which includes the Altiplano plateau and the selva (jungle) with the Amazon Rainforest. Besides its wealth of nature Peru has [...]

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Discover Colombia

Colombian national hat

Click here for A Different Perspective Photo Tour to Colombia led by Luz Elena Castro Colombia has changed and now is the time to discover this best kept secret South America. This tour takes you to Bogota, Zipaquira, Villa de Leyva, Medellin and Cartagena. Explore the bustling capital city of Bogota from its views of [...]

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Rancho La Puerta Spa Resort


Rancho La Puerta is only an hour’s drive from San Diego, California but is a relaxing world away. Here, in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico, is this world’s first destination fitness resort and spa. Rancho La Puerta is the paradigm of all multi-day “destination spa” vacations that encompass health and wellness for mind, body and spirit. [...]

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Trek Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia

Peru, Ollantaytambo, Young Quechua boy in traditional clothing and hat

We Do More Than Asia There’s no better way to explore the Andes than by trekking through its terrain.  Cotopaxi Park in Equador is unique with its volcano and glacier lake which is home to rare birds and wildlife.  Colca Canyon, Peru is where you can see large herds of llamas and alpacas.  Cusco welcomes [...]

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Nicaragua, Costa Rica & Ecuador Coastal Adventure (11 days)


We Do More Than Asia Relax on the pristine beaches of Nicaragua, visit the surfing town of Jaco Beach and travel overland to the Salinas along the Ecuadorian Coast.  This coastal adventure of three Central/South American countries gives you time at leisure to explore at your own pace.  From Managua to Jaco Beach, from Tamarindo [...]

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The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu with Colca Canyon (11 days)


We Do More Than Asia (Departure July – September) Inca Trail permits are limited Call Now 415-331-3791 For those of you who want to explore the great outdoors and retrace steps of the Incas, this adventure trip is for you! See the temples and art of this ancient civilization in Cusco. Visit the Sacred Valley [...]

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