Responsible Travel

Sustainable travel, ecotourism, philanthropy-we have all heard these adjectives describing travel, but what do these terms actually mean to us?  The real message behind any term is to be aware of the social as well as economic impact that we have on the country’s people we visit, make sound decisions regarding flora, fauna and litter and educate ourselves in ways that we can be a part of a culture.  Interacting with our cultural and physical environment in a positive way, while visiting a destination, is simply called responsible travel. 

Responsible travel is our behavior, our actions in a destination.  If we are aware and travel responsibly, we minimize negative economic, environmental and social impact. By being culturally sensitive, respect develops between us and hosts which builds local pride and confidence.

When we travel responsibly environmental damage, maintenance of resources diversity and even renewability over time mitigate inevitable negative effects of tourism on local, regional and even global levels. An integral part of ecology friendly travel is the promotion of recycling, energy efficiency, water conservation as well as the creation of economic opportunities for local communities.  Mass tourism is discouraged in environmentally fragile areas.

Travels with Teri does not green wash travel using terms but insists that we all travel responsibly using our conscious as a social meter knowing when we visit  a country we visit with dignity and when we depart a country that dignity still remains intact.  Many cultures we visit have needs that stretch beyond what we, ourselves, can do alone. Below are organizations helping people endorsed by Travels with Teri.