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An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfillment.”
–David Attenborough


• Expensive–there were no great deals
• An Event–people wore their Sunday best for the occasion
• Mostly Businessmen–a few families vacationed but you never saw an independent woman traveler

Times have changed BUT the desire for discovery remains the same.



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Photo Tours with a Unique Focus

What is “A Different Perspective”?


SPECIAL EVENT TOUR: Beats in India with Bob Holman

Discover Colombia

Colombian national hat

We Do more Than Asia!

Click here for A Different Perspective Photo Tour to Colombia led by Luz Elena Castro

Colombia has changed and now is the time to discover this best kept secret South America. Discover Colombia takes you on an adventure to Bogota, Zipaquira, Villa de Leyva, Medellin and Cartagena. Wander the colonial streets, view flower bedecked balconies & stunning civic buildings. Explore fortresses, museums, beautiful churches and white sandy beaches. Discover Colombia has something for everyone! Detailed Itinerary

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India Photo Safari w/William Yu

Unidentified Hindu pilgrims take bath and pray in the holy Ganges river

specialNovember 10 -21, 2015
This exciting photo safari with William Yu is a photography feast of unique cultural events/festivities and places in India. We travel to Varanasi, “the “Oldest Living City in the World” to photograph the largest festival in India – Diwali. Onward to photograph ancient forts/castles, the Taj Mahal, local markets, bazaars and factories in Agra, Jaipur and Mandawa; ride elephants. Lastly, we photograph the Pushkar camel fair. India Photo safari w/William Yu is a once in a lifetime photographic and travel experience! Detailed Itinerary Call Now 415-331-3791

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Morocco for Foodies (11 days)

Moroccan treats

We Do More Than Asia
(Departure Year Round)
Moroccan cuisine is extremely refined, due to Morocco’s exchanges with other cultures over the centuries and includes Berber, Moorish, and Arab influences. This foodie romp will add spice to your travels. In addition to shopping at local markets and cooking classes, you will visit charming villages, historic sites and see the colorful local people whose lives are dedicated to selling spices and sweets. Morocco for Foodies gives you many tastes to savor. Detailed Itinerary Call Now 415-331-37

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Peru Rainforest Photo Adventure w/Jeff Cremer


specialDepartures: Upon request
Join award-winning National Geographic published travel photographer Jeff Cremer on a Peru photo adventure into its Amazon rainforest. Travel by boat to your lodge in the rainforest reserve. You will learn about the forest, its community as well as photography techniques used to get those exotic shots! Jeff shares his secrets about getting the very best shots. Peru Rainforest Photo Adventure w/Jeff Cremer is a rare chance to explore Jeff’s world through your lense. Detailed Itinerary CALL NOW 425-331-3791

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Discover the Art of San Miguel de Allende w/Workshop


specialDeparture: October 11 – 22, 2015
San Miguel de Allende has attracted painters, sculptors and print makers since the 1950s, when Diego Rivera worked there. Visit local artisans and expatriates and hear their insights and secrets into how they create their paintings and sculptures. Enjoy a 3 day workshop of drawing or painting San Miguel with artist and guide, Hope Palmer. Discover the Art of San Miguel de Allende w/Workshop is your art dream come true! Detailed Itinerary Call Now to Book 415-331-3791

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Beats in India w/Bob Holman


specialDeparture January 7 – 26, 2016
Join Bob Holman on the road in India to discover the Beat poets’ path to satori, free poetry and life’s brim-fullest meaning. Learn about the Hungryalists, the Beats of India, attend the Baul Fakir, the annual Woodstock for ecstatic street-poets, and find inspiration at scenically gorgeous Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage waystations. We will follow the Beats’ search for the meaning of life in an India that will open these same doors of adventure and insights into art and consciousness for you. Detailed Itinerary CALL NOW 415-331-3791

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India with Paul Saltzman (17 days)


Departure October 18 – November 3, 2015
This tour is escorted throughout by two-time Emmy Award-winning film and television producer-director, Paul Saltzman. The two documentary feature films, Prom Night in Mississippi, and The Last White Knight, each featuring Morgan Freeman, are Paul’s most recent movies. Early in 1968 he learned meditation at the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram in Rishikesh, India. While there, Paul spent time with and photographed the Beatles. India with Paul Saltzman is a rare opportunity to meet music masters and discover cultural arts not offered in other ordinary tours.Detailed Itinerary Call Now to Book 415-331-3791 Space is Limited

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North East Tribal Tour (16 days)


specialDeparture October – April
Eastern India remains one of the less frequently visited regions in the world. Its remote tribes and diverse scenery make it India’s last frontier. Visit the Apatani tribe, the men and women who both tattoo their faces. Discover Pasighat and learn about the Adi tribe and the meaning behind their custom of their colorful dress. North East Tribal Tour is that rare gem that you find along the path when you have been searching for that next “undiscovered” place to go! Detailed Itinerary Call Now to Book 415-331-3791

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Walking the Camino (8 days)


We do more than Asia
(May – September )
Walking the Camino or the Way of St. James has existed for over a thousand years. This trip was one of the most important Christian pilgrimages during medieval times and a pilgrimage route on which absolution for sins was earned. Legend says that St. James’s remains were carried by boat from Jerusalem to northern Spain where he was buried on the site of what is now the city of Santiago de Compostela. Walking the Camino is a modern day pilgrimage. Detailed Itinerary
Call Now 415-331-3791

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Discover the Reindeer People (15 days)


(Departures mid-June to mid-September Can Include Naadam)
Mongolia is home to numerous ethnic groups including the Tsaatans or the Reindeer People, who inhabit the remotest but amazing beautiful mountain taigas. The Tsaatan love their nomadic lifestyle of “breeding reindeer and sleeping in huts”. This tour offers an outstanding introduction to this diverse, ancient and extraordinarily beautiful country, visiting areas and sites that many other tours do not visit and a rare chance to visit the Reindeer People. Detailed Itinerary Call now for all details

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Eastern Bhutan Textile Tour (16 days)


special Departure March – October
Bhutan’s weaving of beautiful textiles is one o its most important forms of art. Knowledge and skills have been passed down generations to generations. On this journey, you have the rare opportunity to compare different aspects of Bhutanese textiles including the process of dying and weaving. Try your hand at weaving. Eastern Bhutan Textile Tour is for you adventurers who want to participate in Bhutan on a people to people level. Detailed Itinerary Call Now to Book 415-331-3791

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Tribal Gujarat w/Rann Utsav


special Departure December Annually
The Rann Utsav is called “heaven on earth” because the full moon casts its light over the desert creating a white milky color over all the desert landscape enhancing a “heavenly feeling”. Add visits to the numerous indigenous tribes throughout Gujarat and you have a tribal adventure. Learn about Gujarat villages and their arts and crafts which provide a major source of income for the Rabaris, Mirs, Bharvads and the Dagasias tribes. Tribal Gujarat w/Rann Ustav will take you out of this world! Detailed Itinerary Call Now 415-331-3791

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Himalayan Three Jewels – Darjeeling, Kalimpong & Sikkim

Rice fields Sikkim

Journey to India’s Eastern Himalayan foothills and explore where some of the world’s finest tea is grown. In Darjeeling visit a tea factory to learn how the tea leaves are processed. Explore the surrounding area on the Toy Train. Journey onward to Kalimpong and hike nature trails in Neora National Park. Explore Sikkim, known for its outstanding vistas of Kanchenjunga and Buddhist monasteries. Visit Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary and see migratory birds making their way from Siberia to India for winter. Detailed Itinerary Call now for all details

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