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An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfillment.”
–David Attenborough


• Expensive–there were no great deals
• An Event–people wore their Sunday best for the occasion
• Mostly Businessmen–a few families vacationed but you never saw an independent woman traveler

Times have changed BUT the desire for discovery remains the same.



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FEATURED TOURS: A Different Perspective


Photo Tours with a Unique Focus

What is “A Different Perspective”?


SPECIAL EVENT TOUR: Beats in India with Bob Holman

Vietnam Art & Textiles Adventure

Vietnam Textile 1

specialDepartures September to May
Now you can be an insider in Vietnam learning about its art and textiles! This tour has been carefully designed to offer you Vietnam’s must see places as well as activities which immerse you into the arts. Begin your travel in Ngoc Thuy by staying in a homestay at a local artisan’s house. Meet hill tribes. Try painting on silk. Meet fashion designer, Ava, at her studio. For creative travelers, Vietnam Art & Textiles Adventure is just for you! Detailed Itinerary
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Beats in India w/Bob Holman


specialDeparture January 7 – 26, 2017
Join Bob Holman on the road in India to discover the Beat poets’ path to satori, free poetry and life’s brim-fullest meaning. Learn about the Hungryalists, the Beats of India, attend the Baul Fakir, the annual Woodstock for ecstatic street-poets, and find inspiration at scenically gorgeous Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage waystations. We will follow the Beats’ search for the meaning of life in an India that will open these same doors of adventure and insights into art and consciousness for you. Detailed Itinerary CALL NOW 415-331-3791

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Photographic Wonders of Turkey


specialDepartures: May, June, September & October
Turkey is a photographer’s dream–it is a country where Europe meets Asia! This trip has been designed for you photo buffs that want more of a less structured photo tour. There are ample opportunities to shoot. Discover the must see palaces, take a private cruise on the Bosphorous and explore the cultural melting pot neighborhoods for Fener and Balat. Visit the hidden monastic valley of Pasabag. Explore Ortahisar and Avonos. Photographic Wonders of Turkey is for curious travelers who enjoy photography. Detailed Itinerary CALL NOW 415-331-3791

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India with Paul Saltzman (17 days)


Departure September 22 – October 8, 2016
This tour is escorted throughout by two-time Emmy Award-winning film and television producer-director, Paul Saltzman. The two documentary feature films, Prom Night in Mississippi, and The Last White Knight, each featuring Morgan Freeman, are Paul’s most recent movies. Early in 1968 he learned meditation at the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram in Rishikesh, India. While there, Paul spent time with and photographed the Beatles. India with Paul Saltzman is a rare opportunity to meet music masters and discover cultural arts not offered in other ordinary tours.Detailed Itinerary Call Now to Book 415-331-3791 Space is Limited

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Inside Moscow with Golden Ring/St Petersburg

Tretyakov gallery

specialDeparture on Friday (May 15-Aug 15 2016)
On this magical journey to the exotic land of Russia, you see sites which are unlike any others in the world. Learn about Moscow’s colourful history and culture. Discover the ancient towns of the Golden Ring. Finish in St. Petersburg, geographically exquisitely located on the middle taiga lowlands along the shores of the Neva Bay of the Gulf of Finland. Inside Moscow with Golden Ring/St. Petersburg is a journey that will satisfy your curiosity about this mysterious place.Detailed Itinerary CALL NOW to BOOK 415-331-3791

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Wild Sri Lanka Safari

leopard (300x200)

special Departure October – May
The island of Sri Lanka is unmatched for its wildlife for its size. It hosts the largest seasonal concentration if Asian Elephants and is a great place for photographing leopard. Discover the Sinharaja Bird Wave.the largest in the world. Included are visits to the “must see” places such as the Cultural Triangle and the Kandy Tooth Temple. Explore Yala. Wild Sri Lanka Safari is for you nature enthusiasts who want the ultimate island safari. Detailed Itinerary
CALL NOW to BOOK 415-331-3791

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The Colors of Tuscany on Motorcycle

Tuscany1 (2) (380x269)

We Do More Than Asia
Departure: Call for Date
Discover Tuscany with its rolling hills filled with olives trees and vineyards on a Harley Davidson motorcycle! Visit Italia’s most famous monuments and lovely cities. This motorcycle guided tour will allow you to visit the historical city of Florence, the medieval hill town of Montepulciano, Sienna and its famous Piazza del Campo, Pisa and its leaning tower and much more! “Ride on” for you motorcycle enthusiasts who have always dreamed about riding the roads through Italy. Detailed Itinerary Call Now to Book 415-331-3791

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Nordic Adventure (5 Countries)

Flam 1

special Departure May – September
Intriguing Scandinavia welcomes you to enjoy its heritage, culture and its breathtaking landscapes. On this tour, you see 5 countries in the way they were meant to be seen. You travel by car, by boat and by train. Begin your trip in Iceland and head north where only the more adventurous travelers go. Visit the waterfalls of the gods. Nordic Adventure is that trip of a lifetime! Detailed Itinerary CALL NOW to BOOK 415-331-3791

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Morocco for Foodies (11 days)

Moroccan treats

We Do More Than Asia

Click here for A Different Perspective a Photo Tour to Morocco

Moroccan cuisine is extremely refined, due to Morocco’s exchanges with other cultures over the centuries and includes Berber, Moorish, and Arab influences. This foodie romp will add spice to your travels. In addition to shopping at local markets and cooking classes, you will visit charming villages, historic sites and see colorful local people. Morocco for Foodies gives you many tastes to savor. Detailed Itinerary Call Now 415-331-3791

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Peru Rainforest Photo Adventure w/Jeff Cremer


specialDepartures: Upon request
Join award-winning National Geographic published travel photographer Jeff Cremer on a Peru photo adventure into its Amazon rainforest. Travel by boat to your lodge in the rainforest reserve. You will learn about the forest, its community as well as photography techniques used to get those exotic shots! Jeff shares his secrets about getting the very best shots. Peru Rainforest Photo Adventure w/Jeff Cremer is a rare chance to explore Jeff’s world through your lense. Detailed Itinerary CALL NOW 415-331-3791

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