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An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfillment.”
–David Attenborough


• Expensive–there were no great deals
• An Event–people wore their Sunday best for the occasion
• Mostly Businessmen–a few families vacationed but you never saw an independent woman traveler

Times have changed BUT the desire for discovery remains the same.



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August Specials:

NEW Discory Cuba Photo Tour w/William Yu

NEW Vietnam Photo Tour w/Son Nguyen

NEW Tribal Laos


Discovery Cuba Photo tour w/ William Yu

Cuban percussionist isolated on black

specialWe Do More Than Asia (Departure October 15 – 23, 2015)
On this discovery photo tour of Cuba with internationally acclaimed photographer William Yu, you will have people-to-people activities and cultural exchanges including discussions with locals, visits with artists, musical performances, and more. You will explore Trinidad, one of the best preserved cities in the Caribbean, with a local historian. Discovery Cuba Photo Tour w/William Yu offers you the chance to better understand Cuba’s vibrant culture and photograph its fascinating people.Detailed Itinerary CALL NOW to BOOK 415-331-3791

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Myanmar Monsoon Photo Tour w/ Win Kyaw Zan (10 Days)


specialDeparture August
Nature is mesmerizing during the August monsoon in Myanmar! The photography is amazing with rain, umbrellas, colorful clouds, sky, trees, clear air, farmers working in the fields, busy rivers and amazing reflections of life everywhere. Win Kyaw Zan takes you on a photo adventure unlike any other. Myanmar Monsoon Photo tour w/Win Kyaw Zan is for those of you who want pictures of an unforgettable experience. Detailed Itinerary CALL NOW 415-331-3791

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Mandela’s Journey (9 days)


special This well crafted time machine package takes you back through a historical journey into one of the world’s greatest African leaders. Seen by millions as a man of integrity, wisdom and compassion, Nelson Mandela was a legend in his own time both in his home country of South Africa and the world at large. Learn about South African History & Culture while enjoying Nature and Wildlife viewing. Mandela’s Journey is a chance to understand his struggle to help mankind. Detailed Itinerary CALL NOW to BOOK 415-331-3791

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Ladies Sri Lanka


special Departure December 20, 2014 (Feb, March, Oct 2015)
For all you ladies who want a getaway of culture, scenic beauty and relaxation the island of Sri Lanka has it all. Visit Colombo and Leslie’s house, the former home of Arthur C. Clarke. Explore the ancient towns of Anaradapura and Polonnaruwa to see ruins of former palaces and temples. Learn about its rich Buddhist history and dagobas which dot the countryside. Ladies Sri Lanka is an exotic women’s adventure! Detailed Itinerary CALL NOW to BOOK 415-331-3791

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Textiles of North India

India, Jaipur, Rajasthan fabrics

specialDiscover the vibrant and diverse world of costumes and traditions of North India learning about its textiles and symbolic designs. Now’s your chance to learn about their origin which can be traced as far back as the Indus valley civilization when homespun cotton was used for weaving their garments. See how gold and silver threads are used to make brocade in Varanasi. Textiles of North India is the fabric of Indian life. Detailed tinerary BOOK NOW 415-331-3791

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Tribal Myanmar Photo Tour W/ Win Kyaw Zan


specialDeparture OctoberThis small group cultural photo tour is escorted by Win Kyaw Zan, personal photo guide for Art Wolfe and Nevada Weir.
Tribal Myanmar remains exotic and mysterious and to visit its remote regions you need a knowledgeable guide. Add a guide who knows the tribal culture in depth, travel and photography and you have a one of a kind tour. Meet the tattooed women of Chin. Visit the Eng tribe known as the black teethed people. Tribal Myanmar Photo Tour gives you the rare chance to interact with remote villagers. Detailed Itinerary CALL NOW 415-331-3791 Space is limited

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Nepal Cultural Photo Tour w/ Mani Lama


specialDeparture October 8 -22, 2014
Mani Lama shares his expertise on both Nepal’s diverse culture and photography on this escorted tour to Nepal. Even if you have visited before, these activities have been handcrafted so you become a part of Nepal. Nepal Cultural Photo Tour w/ Mani Lama is your chance to see Nepal through the eyes of a man who has dedicated his life to understanding this small Himalayan land. Detailed Itinerary Space is Limited CALL NOW 415-331-3791

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Tribal Tour Kenya

pokot lady web

special We Do More Than Asia
With over 42 tribes, Kenya is truly a country with diverse people and culture. The most popular and dominant being the nomadic people. On this tour you visit The Maasai, a fierce pastoralists tribe that once dominated Kenya. Learn about the Samburu, cousins of the Maasai. Discover the Rendile and the Pokot tribes. Tribal Tour Kenya is a unique journey in discovering the faces of this Africa region. Detailed Itinerary CALL NOW 415-331-3791

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Plein Air Art Tour with Becky Joy

france 021

specialWe Do More Than Asia (Departure July 3- July 10, 2015
Experience Normandy on this art extravaganza while staying at centrally located Chateaus in Normandy with Plein Air Artist, Becky Joy. Learn to paint plein air style with her while exploring unique settings along waterfront towns, villages and Giverny. See where the impressionists took their inspiration and visit local artisans. Plein Air Art Workshop with Becky Joy is your rare opportunity to get to know Normandy through an artists eye. Detailed Itinerary CALL NOW to BOOK 415-331-3791

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Delightful Tuscany


specialWe Do More Than Asia (February – December)
Delightful Tuscany is a private journey through Tuscany that takes you to small, easily missed villages in the Chianti and Tuscan countryside. You home base at a quaint bed & breakfast near Panzano and are driven on day trips learning about the area’s history, eat the best gelato you’ll ever have in Castellina, see how olive oil is pressed and cheese is made. Delightful Tuscany is your chance to meet locals as they share secrets about food and life. Detailed Itinerary Call Now to Book 415-331-3791

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