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An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfillment.”
–David Attenborough


• Expensive–there were no great deals
• An Event–people wore their Sunday best for the occasion
• Mostly Businessmen–a few families vacationed but you never saw an independent woman traveler

Times have changed BUT the desire for discovery remains the same.



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Photo Tours with a Unique Focus

Vietnam Art & Textiles Adventure

Vietnam Textile 1

specialDepartures September to May
Now you can be an insider in Vietnam learning about its art and textiles! This tour has been carefully designed to offer you Vietnam’s must see places as well as activities which immerse you into the arts. Begin your travel in Ngoc Thuy by staying in a homestay at a local artisan’s house. Meet hill tribes. Try painting on silk. Meet fashion designer, Ava, at her studio. For creative travelers, Vietnam Art & Textiles Adventure is just for you! Detailed Itinerary
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Walk Amalfi Coast: Ravello to Positano


specialDepartures April – October
The Amalfi Coast is only an hour’s drive south of Naples but is one of the most spectacular parts of the Mediterranean, with mountains rising dramatically to almost 1500 metres above the prisitne sea. This magnificent six day walking tour takes you the full length of the Amalfi Coast. Starting at the romantic town of Ravello and finishing at the spectacular seaside town of Positano you have spectacular views over the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. Walk Amalfi Coast is truly an unique experience. Detailed Itinerary CALL NOW to BOOK 415-331-3791

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Cycle India

6 bike

specialThis tour is for a group of 6-10 persons
Design your own group with cycling companions as you bike through India’s rural villages. This biking tour begins in Delhi and includes all the must see places. You ride through India’s diverse State of Rajasthan through an amazing collection of forts and incredibly impressive castles and palaces. This tour is fully supported – cycle as little or as much as you wish each day. Cycle India is a biking tour for those of you who want cycle your way down the cultural road. Detailed Itinerary CALL NOW to BOOK 415-331-3791

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Eastern Bhutan Textile Tour (16 days)


special Departure March – October
Bhutan’s weaving of beautiful textiles is one o its most important forms of art. Knowledge and skills have been passed down generations to generations. On this journey, you have the rare opportunity to compare different aspects of Bhutanese textiles including the process of dying and weaving. Try your hand at weaving. Eastern Bhutan Textile Tour is for you adventurers who want to participate in Bhutan on a people to people level. Detailed Itinerary Call Now to Book 415-331-3791

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The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu with Colca Canyon (11 days)


specialDeparture July – September
Inca Trail permits are limited so call now to reserve space
It’s time to head for the hills! For those of you who want to explore the great outdoors and retrace the beauty and steps of the Incas, this adventure trip just may be for you! Visit the Sacred Valley and walk through the Door of the Sun for your first glimpse of the Lost City of Machu Picchu. Explore the magnificent Colca Canyon. Here you will see the endangered condors fly directly over your head. Detailed Itinerary Call NOW to BOOK 415-331-3791

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All Aboard Namibia

sand dunes africa

specialDepartures March – November
Embark on a train journey from Pretoria through Namibia in grand, golden rail fashion from the past. Your 8 day rail journey on Rovos Rail takes you on an adventure to Kimberly, diamond mining central and the fertile wine growing region of Upington. Explore fish River canyon, the second largest canyon in the world. Tour the European capital of Namibia, Windhoek.
Detailed Itinerary Call NOW to BOOK 415-331-3791

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The Heart of Provence on Motorcycle

Web Prov

Before the French Riviera started attracting famous painters in the beginning of the 20th century and all the international “Jet Set” it was an area of sleepy fishing villages. On this bike tour, you’ll get the opportunity to get into the golden years of this region. Small roads, little villages, take you to where “small is beautiful”. Starting from the Côte d’Azur, through Provence, along the Alps, this tour will offer you thriving and diverse landscapes. The Heart of Provence is one that you will not want to miss!Detailed Itinerary CALL NOW to BOOK 415-331-3791

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