What Is a Custom Tour?

A custom tour is an independent travel plan designed and arranged just for you.
This type of travel includes private airport/hotel transfers, hotels, internal airfare, trains, cruises, performances, events, activities and privately guided tours.  This tour can be any dates,
any place and in any style that you want to travel.
Custom tours meet your wants and your needs.


What is a specialty tour?

Travels with Teri designs specialty journeys which are custom tours built around a theme or
particular interest that you already have or wish to learn more about. Specialty tours fullfill
your curiosity about a country or interest through genuine interactions with the land, people and culture.

Is a custom tour right for you?

  • Custom tours and specialty journeys are for anyone who wants a detailed travel plan arranged for them. Accommodation rates are always based on double occupancy but a single room may be arranged at additionalan cost. Small group tour rates are also based on twin share. Private tours and activities within the trip as well as airport transfers genrally cost the same for single and double travelers.
  • Custom tours are family and intergenerational friendly.Preset small group tours often have age and time limitations.  By privately arranging your adventure you can plan activities which suit your family and travel the dates that work best for you.

The itineraries on this website are  recommendations made by TRAVELS WITH TERI.  Only some of the featured tours are preset and has its tour dates and cost listed. Terms & Conditions