Tibet and Bhutan

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Tibet and Bhutan are both called
remote and mysterious.

They are both landlocked and home to the largest mountain range in the world, the Himalayas . Tibet, the “roof of the world” and Bhutan, “land of the thunder dragon”, are only a short plane ride away from Kathmandu but worlds away from
the rest of the world.

Discover the Tibetan Plateau and pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash, Tibet’s sacred mountain. Take a train from Beijing to Lhasa. Celebrate the return of the black-necked cranes in the Phobjikha Valley in Bhutan. Trek to Laya. However you choose to explore Tibet and Bhutan, you are guaranteed a magical journey!

True Traveler’s Tale: Rebekah and Michael explore Bhutan’s mountains to Beatle’s tunes!

Sample Itineraries:

Epic Bhutan

Departure:TBA March – April 2023  This immersive cultural trip with terrific photo opportunities to the peaceful kingdom of Bhutan is led by National Geographic photographer Abhi Hajela.Abhi is a frequent visitor to Bhutan.  He loves the Buddhist spirit that is found in the people, the stunning landscape and the Himalayas. On this trip we visit […]

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Sacred Bhutan–Thimphu Tsechu Festival (9 days)

Departure September Space is limited This pilgrimage is meant for those persons who seek inner solace through Buddhist values and philosophy. You will have the rare opportunity to visit all the important Buddhist temples and get blessings from important Lamas and Rinpoches. Be a part of the Thimphu Tsechu, one of the largest tsechus or […]

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Black Necked Crane Festival w/ Bumthang(11 days)

(Departure November) Colorful festivals are very much part of life in Bhutan and the festivities held to celebrate the annual return of the black-necked cranes to the Phobjikha Valley from their summer breeding grounds high on the Tibetan plateau are ones not to be missed. Held annually on November 12, this “welcome” festival for the […]

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Discover Bhutan (5 days/4 nights)

Bhutan is called the ‘Land of Thunder Dragon.’ Explore Paro which lies in a rich and fertile valley, with beautiful landscapes, scenic villages and historic buildings. Drive to Thimphu, the capital, sprawling up a hillside on the bank of the Thimphu Chhu River. The sights in Thimphu are incredible and include the National Library, the […]

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Eastern Bhutan Textile Tour (16 days)

Bhutan’s weaving of beautiful textiles is one o its most important forms of art. Knowledge and skills have been passed down generations to generations. The weaving tools used are still handmade and the raw materials natural. On this journey, you have the rare opportunity to compare different aspects of Bhutanese textiles including the process of […]

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Photograph Bhutan (14 days)

(Departure October & November ) Every moment in this itinerary has been precisely crafted through the personal experience of a Bhutanese photographer to create a unique experience in Bhutan for fellow photographers visiting this remote and magical land. Places you visit on this tour have been personally chosen keeping in mind the wants and needs […]

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A Woman’s Journey to Bhutan (13 days)

(Departure October 5 – October 17) Note: The itinerary is purely crafted for women traveling and is led by a local Bhutanese woman guide. Nothing offers more of an opportunity to experience life than travel, especially with like minded people. Life is also about deriving happiness out of what we choose to do and understanding […]

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Pedaling the Himalayan Slopes (8 days)

Departures March-May, September, October This tour is designed to give cyclists a perfect experience pedaling the winding roads in Bhutan’s Himalayan slopes. Maximum hours of cycling per day does not exceed 5 hours. You are escorted by an experienced cycling guide. The tour is perfectly arranged keeping in mind that the tour is adventurous and […]

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Walk Western Bhutan (12 days)

In 2002 the Haa Valley, also known as the “Hidden-Land Rice Valley”, was opened to foreign tourism. On this tour you explore this steep north-south valley with a narrow floor where contrary to its name only some rice is grown the main crops being wheat and barley. Visit off the trodden path temples and rural […]

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Valleys & Peaks with Bhutan

Always wanted to explore fascinating Nepali culture, see Mt Everest and visit Bhutan? Then this exotic adventure is for you! You do not need to be a mountain climber to enjoy panoramic views of Machupucharia, Ama Dablam, Lhotse or Mt. Everest. Explore west Nepal and enjoy hot springs and relaxing by the lakeside after your […]

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Trek to Laya Bhutan (21 days)

Trek to Laya is one of Bhutan’s most interesting treks. The route offers superb views of snowcapped peaks including Mt. Gangchey Ta or Tiger mountain. Diverse Himalayan flora and fauna puts this trek in a league if its own. There are many chances to glimpse the Blue Sheep, Takin or even a Snow Leopard. Numerous […]

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Explore Eastern Bhutan (16 days)

Day 1 – Paro/Thimphu Driving Distance: 65 Kms Driving Time: 1.5 to 2 Hours On your journey to Paro, the panoramic views of the Himalayas are sensational, including the Everest and other famous Himalayan Peaks. The approach through the Bhutanese foothills and the landing, including a few steep turns to land at the tiny airstrip […]

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Tibet Experience

(Departures July, August & September) The striking beauty of this part of the world is brought to life by the smiles of its people. With a complex past, the Tibetan culture is thriving and genuinely unique. Uncover some of the secrets of the history and spirit of this mysterious land on a once in a […]

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Discover Tibet (12 days)

Visiting Tibet is like entering another world. Tucked away in the Himalaya on the world’s highest plateau, it is a country that has held much mystic for years. In fact, some areas in the Northwestern region are so remote that they still remain uninhabited today. For travelers, Tibet is one of the most fascinating destinations […]

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Discover Black Necked Crane Festival (9 days)

(Departure November ) Colorful festivals are very much part of life in Bhutan and the festivities held to celebrate the annual return of the black-necked cranes to the Phobjikha Valley from their summer breeding grounds high on the Tibetan plateau are ones not to be missed. Held annually in November, this “welcome” festival for the […]

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