We’re like you — curious when we hear about a culture or a place and crave to see it for ourselves.

That’s what we do. We satisfy your curiosity through genuine cultural and environmental interactions. We arrange private and small group travel with activities which help you discover your answers about cultural practices or a country’s terrain. Our journeys leave you exhilarated and knowing you experienced a new part of the world.

Are our tours for you?

Our tours are for curious travelers who want a deeper understanding of a country or culture. You have already seen the main highlights of a place and yearn to get off the beaten path and learn more. Our specialty themed tours let you follow your interests and gain knowledge about the history, arts, culinary techniques or indigenous festivals of a culture which are not offered by other travel companies.

Our custom tours for 2 persons are affordable and even a savings for the same services offered when compared to luxury companies which operate large group tours beginning at 18 persons or more. Our small group tours operate at a 4 or 6 persons minimum depending on the tour and generally a 12 persons maximum. We are family friendly.


TRAVELS WITH TERI WAS FOUNDED BY Teri Goldstein, a hospitality and travel industry professional and Asia expert with 32 years of travel experience. Travels with Teri is a concierge tour company — your personal travel assistant guaranteeing:

  • efficient travel planning (we do the work so you don’t have to!)
  • creative tour design (ensuring your interests are satisfied by the activities of your itinerary)
  • high-quality destination knowledge (Teri has traveled to more than 70 countries and has lived in India and Nepal)
  • up-to-date travel business insight (we know the current trends, activities, accommodations and travel providers so you have the best options to choose from)
  • signature quick response time (we provide same day response to all phone calls and emails)

all affordable and competitively priced!


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Are you spending time but getting nowhere in planning your trip?

The internet has offered you a plethora of travel options but there are often too many choices which takes researching them more time than expected when planning a complex trip. Leave it to us, the experts. We have 32 years of destination knowledge and travel industry experience. Saving you time researching places, travel styles, activities and tours is our job. All you need to do is enjoy your trip.

Do you want a genuine cultural experience without the risk of hard adventure?

  • You don’t need to scale a sheer mountain face to have an authentic experience. We always arrange your travel in the context of safety.
  • We provide customized soft adventure tours which combine easy access to and around out of the way places with cultural interaction. Our specialty themed tours are genuine travel experiences which give you the unique chance to be a part of the world through outdoor adventures such as trekking, family home visits, culinary classes and cottage industry workshops.
  • We talk with you, get to know your interests, where you have been and how you have traveled before in order to offer you trip style suggestions that best suit you.
  • Using our destination knowledge combined with travel industry expertise we are able to advise the most suitable places for you to visit and weave together activities which allow you to interact with your surroundings.

Are you interested in customized trips and small group tours that are affordable and competitively priced?

  • We work with the same on site reputable land operators as large companies in a consortium BUT because we operate with a low overhead we are able to save you money.
  • We pass our savings on to you maintaining the high standard of quality in both our product and service that you deserve. Many times companies trade price for comfort and convenience. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is! We modify your travel plans keeping your priorities of trip style and affordability always in mind so that you have the absolute perfect trip that works just for you.
  • We are able to offer additional discounts on some small group tour companies we represent like Travel Indochina, Great Safaris, Voyages to antiquity or Tauck. We do the work for you and you save money.

Are you looking for a special trip planned just for your group?

  • Friends, alumni groups, businesses and nonprofit are all group sectors we arrange tours for.
  • Your group is able to set their own dates and choose activities they want to do.
  • Organize a tour for 8 or more people and qualify for group travel discounts including free travel for the lead planner.
  • Personally escorted tours can be arranged upon request.

Are you planning a once-in-a-lifetime family occasion such as a graduation, wedding, anniversary, birthday or reunion?

  • Family tours are an important sector of our travel arranging. With us it’s not just about age but about life stage.
  • Traveling in your own small group tours gives you the privacy that you crave when reuniting or experiencing a special event with loved ones.
  • We design custom tours and make travel arrangements as exclusive as you want and with activities for every age in your family. Remember those special moments are eternal.

Are you a single traveler fed up with paying double?

  • In the past single travelers have been penalized for traveling alone but not anymore. Custom tour costs may be increased only slightly and small group tours a small single supplement surcharge.
  • We are willing to try to match you with a room share partner on our small group tours so that you can still travel at the cost of double occupancy.

Are you concerned about the accommodations?

  • We choose hotels our hotels carefully according to reliability of cleanliness, service, ambiance and cost. All hotels provide authentic flavor.
  • Our local site land operators are able to offer value pricing because they work frequently with the same hotels making them a preferred vendor which offers contracted rates on a Bed & Breakfast basis.

Do you have more questions?

  • Our superb customer service includes our signature turn around response time and unlimited consultations to assist you better with your trip planning.
  • We are known for our willingness to modify trip particulars to meet special needs such as dietary requirements or health issues which may require special care.
  • Our clients are 90% past travelers and referrals.
  • We are a licensed trip insurance broker to protect you and your travel investment. We are also certified as a California Seller of Travel and a Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation participant which protects you against default of funds. Our land operators are fully insured. We participate within our own community as a member of the Sausalito chamber of Commerce.
  • You are provided with travel resources such as pre-departure info, country info, up to date travel info such as passports, visas, traveler warnings along with 24/7 local contact telephone numbers in case of an emergency.

Want more reasons to use a travel agent?

Call Teri today to discuss your current or future travel plans. 415-331-3791