An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfillment.”
–David Attenborough


• Expensive–there were no great deals
• An Event–people wore their Sunday best for the occasion
• Mostly Businessmen–a few families vacationed but you never saw an independent woman traveler

Times have changed BUT the desire for discovery remains the same.



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FEATURED DESTINATION Switzerland: Trains & Trails

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Epic Bhutan

specialDeparture:TBA March – April 2023  This immersive cultural trip with terrific photo opportunities to the peaceful kingdom of Bhutan is led by National Geographic photographer Abhi Hajela.Abhi is a frequent visitor to Bhutan.  He loves the Buddhist spirit that is found in the people, the stunning landscape and the Himalayas. On this trip we visit the rice paddies of Punakha along with majestic temples. This trip includes a special access experiences that separate this Bhutan tour from the standard organized trips.  There are 3 spaces left on this small group tour.  Detailed Itinerary  CALL NOW 415-331-3791

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Discover the Art of San Miguel de Allende w/Workshop

specialDeparture: Upon Request
San Miguel de Allende has attracted painters, sculptors and print makers since the 1950s, when Diego Rivera worked there. Visit local artisans and expatriates and hear their insights and secrets into how they create their paintings and sculptures. Enjoy a 3 day workshop of drawing or painting San Miguel with artist and guide, Hope Palmer. Discover the Art of San Miguel de Allende w/Workshop is your art dream come true! Detailed Itinerary Call Now to Book 415-331-3791

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Explore the Real Alaska

specialDepartures : June, July, August
Fjords, Fishing, Rafting and Scenic Flight
If you are the outdoorsy traveler and looking for a special adventure close to home, then this tour is the one for you! Southeast Alaska has it all – temperate rainforest, the Inside Passage (a protected waterway), an abundance of wildlife such as brown bears, black bears, humpback whales, orcas, salmon, bald eagles and all to the backdrop of spectacular scenery. You stay at the family owned Glacier View Lodge the home of I Fish Haines Alaska, a charter fishing & sightseeing company in Haines. Detailed Itinerary CALL NOW 415-331-3791

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Nordic Adventure (5 Countries)

special Departure May – September
Intriguing Scandinavia welcomes you to enjoy its heritage, culture and its breathtaking landscapes. On this tour, you see 5 countries in the way they were meant to be seen. You travel by car, by boat and by train. Begin your trip in Iceland and head north where only the more adventurous travelers go. Visit the waterfalls of the gods. Nordic Adventure is that trip of a lifetime! Detailed Itinerary CALL NOW to BOOK 415-331-3791

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Historical Chile & Easter Island Extension

specialWe Do More Than Asia (Departure Spring Summer Fall)
Exquisite Santiago, with its neoclassical architecture, colonial style winding side streets and panoramic views of the Andes, boasts both geographical beauty and a fascinating history. Discover Vina Del Mar and Isla Negro. Extend your stay to the mystical Easter Island. Historical Chile & Easter Island Extension is a sojourn for those of you travelers who wish to learn more about those precious places closer to home. Detailed Itinerary Call Now 415-331-3791

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India with Paul Saltzman (17 days)

Departure September 15 – October 1, 2023
This tour is escorted throughout by two-time Emmy Award-winning film and television producer-director, Paul Saltzman. The two documentary feature films, Prom Night in Mississippi, and The Last White Knight, each featuring Morgan Freeman, are Paul’s most recent movies. Early in 1968 he learned meditation at the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram in Rishikesh, India. While there, Paul spent time with and photographed the Beatles. India with Paul Saltzman is a rare opportunity to meet music masters and discover cultural arts not offered in other ordinary tours.Detailed Itinerary Call Now to Book 415-331-3791 Space is Limited

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Kenya Birding Safari (14 days)

specialWe Do More Than Asia
Africa is known for its Big Five Game viewing but low and behold where there’s wildlife there is also a wide variety of birds! A photographers paradise, you visit Nairobi National Park’s bird sanctuary and count how many of the 400 bird species you see. Take a boat ride at Lake Naivasha and visit the Kakamega forest, the only true rain forest remaining in Kenya, rich in bird species nowhere else to be seen in Kenya.Kenya Birding Safari is for you travelers who want to experience all there is to absorb in the Kenya Wilds. Detailed Itinerary Call Now 415-331-3791

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Gold of Peru (14 days)

specialDeparture June – September
Besides its wealth of nature Peru has been home to ancient cultures dating as far back as 3000BC. Gold of Peru is an adventure in which you explore out of the way valleys, ridge tops and ruins that are usually overlooked by the casual traveler. The trek to Choquequirao, the lost sister city of Machu Picchu, is the highlight of this journey. Gold of Peru is a challenge of mind and body in traditional Inca style. Detailed Itinerary CALL NOW 415-331-3791

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