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However we also visit other destinations favored by the curious traveler such as North & Central Asia as well as South Pacific islands such as Indonesia, Malaysia and even Australia and New Zealand and list them here for your convenience.

Ride horses in Mongolia or walk the Great Wall in China. Cruise Voyages to Antiquity from Hong Kong to Bali or travel the Silk Road to Bukhara. Visit the 2000 year old tiered rice terraces in Banaue.
Take a journey off the beaten path to any of these amazing places!

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Sample Itineraries:

Discover Wellness in Bali (13 days)

Departure: Upon request This tour combines “authenticity” with “well-being” on the island of Bali. A real makeover and “youth therapy” awaits you to relax and most importantly to pamper yourself. In our modern society, everything can become an “emergency leading to stress and fatigue. It is important, even essential to slow down, to inhale calmly […]

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Secrets of Japan with Takayama Festival (15 days)

(Departure October) Japan is a land of continual contradictions; from sky-scraping cities to rustic rural villages, cutting edge technologies to timeless traditions, this is a country rich in cultural anomalies and fascinating contrasts. Visitors to this island nation will recognize the bright lights and bustle of east coast mega-cities, but will marvel at the age-old […]

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Discover the Reindeer People (15 days)

Mongolia is home to numerous ethnic groups including the Tsaatans or the Reindeer People. Now there are only 400 Tsaatan people in Mongolia and they inhabit the remotest but amazing beautiful mountain taigas. The Tsaatan love their nomadic lifestyle of “breeding reindeer and sleeping in huts”. This tour offers an outstanding introduction to this diverse, […]

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Silk Route to Bukhara (25 days)

A cultural tour of China, Kyrgyzstan & Uzbekistan The Silk Road was probably the most important development in human history, which brought close trading and subsequently cultural contacts between the east and the west. Silk Road to Bukhara traces the Silk Road from the place where it started in Xian and the follows its caravan […]

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China’s Great Silk Road (13 days)

(Departures: June – October) One of the world’s great trade routes, the exotic Silk Road has captured the imagination of many, stirring visions of a wondrous and far-off land. Bring the adventure to life on this incredible journey. Experience the rich convergence of cultures and religions as you travel from Xian to Kashgar, passing countless […]

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Indonesia Art & Culture (16 days)

(Departures September – March) The Indonesian archipelago has been an important trade region since at least the 7th century, when world travelers brought culture, art, religious beliefs and cuisine to the islands. Today, you too, can experience days gone by on this tour. Explore Buddhist monasteries with their many bas relief panels along with Hindu […]

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Magical Mongolia

The region of Mongolia has been ruled by various nomadic empires throughout the years and is the second largest landlocked country next to Kazakhstan. Its remoteness and history both contribute to its magic and mystery. Mongolia, with the lowest human population density of any country and with one of the highest proportions of land area […]

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Trans Mongolian Adventure w/ Naadam (17 days)

(Departure June – September) Note: Departure with Naadam is in June/July Mongolia is a wild and rugged land with sweeping grassy plains and alpine mountains. Few tourists get the opportunity to travel to Mongolia, and even fewer can boast spending Naadam festival away from the Ulaan Baatar crowds. Start your adventure in Beijing to see […]

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Not all of our tours are listed. Call us to discuss your travel plans 415-331-3791 We’re like you — curious when we hear about a culture or a place and crave to see it for ourselves. That’s what we do. We satisfy your curiosity through genuine cultural and environmental interactions. We arrange private and small […]

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