Sri Lanka

Isurumuniya Temple, Anuradhapura, Sri lanka


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Sri Lanka, once known as Ceylon, is an island of legends.

Palm trees and elephant processions set the stage for the religious epic, the Ramayana, in which Lanka, the evil king, carries Rama’s wife from India to the island. It’s an island of tradition and environmental beauty unlike no other.

Sri Pada, the island’s sacred mountain, has the imprint of Buddha’s foot. If you are lucky enough to see the mountain’s refection from the top in the horizon at sunrise on a clear day it is certain that prosperity will follow. A temple in Kandy, in the central hills, enshrines the tooth of Buddha, it is believed. Ride a moterbike to Horton’s Point known as the “end of the world”. Take a train tthrough the tea plantations to Nuriwa Eliya or visit archilogical ruins in Annuradhapura. Sri Lanka welcomes you to explore its culture, its land.

Sample Itineraries:

Clarke’s Odyssey

Departure: September – May Following the footsteps of Arthur C. Clarke, this tour takes you “out of this world” on a one of a kind adventure in Sri Lanka. Clarke, co-writer of 2001: A Space Odyssey, called Sri Lanka “home” from 1956 until his death in 2008. The draw for him was scuba diving and […]

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Wild Sri Lanka Safari (14 days)

The island of Sri Lanka is unmatched for its wildlife for its size. It hosts the largest seasonal concentration if Asian Elephants while being considered a great place for photographing leopard. A wide variety of birds call Sri Lanka their home with the Sinharaja Bird Wave being the largest in the world. With its rich […]

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Ladies Sri Lanka

Departure: Upon request For all you ladies who want a getaway of culture, scenic beauty and relaxation the island of Sri Lanka has it all. Visit Colombo and Leslie’s house, the former home of Arthur C. Clarke. Explore the ancient towns of Anaradapura and Polonnaruwa to see ruins of former palaces and temples. Learn about […]

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Sri Lanka Safari with Whales

Departure November – April Sri Lanka is known for its game but did you know that it is home to Blue Whales? The largest animal to have ever lived on our planet, the Blue Whale can be seen in Mirissa, South Island, one of the world’s top spots for watching them. This tour combines both […]

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Family Sri Lanka (Beaches & Safari)

The spice island of Sri Lanka, off the southern coast of India, offers some of the prettiest beaches and accessible game parks in this region. A wide array of water sports and easy to explore national parks makes visiting Sri Lanka a family “not to miss” adventure. Begin your holiday in Bentota choosing from water […]

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Esala Festival

Journey through ancient Sri Lanka visitng the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Dambulla, Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura, Sigirya and finally the hill town and capital, Kandy. During the Esala Festival, Kandy’s streets are alive with fire-dancers, masked-dancers and elephants adorned with lavish garments. Esala signifies the victories of the Hindu God Indra over the demon Vritra, who […]

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Journey to Sri Pada

Buddha, Sri Pada, Sri Lanka

Sri Pada, located in central Sri Lanka, is also known as Adam’s Peak and referred to as “butterfly mountain”. Literally meaning “sacred footprint, it is believed to be the footprint of Lord Buddha in Buddhist tradition, Shiva’s in Hindu and Adam’s in Muslim.  The remarkable trait of the mountain is that on a clear morning […]

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