“Jaggery, payasam, ghee, modakam, curds, dal, all of these are to be offered as Food for the Gods.”
–Lord Krishna, Bhagavata Purana

Culinary tours are a delightful way to experience a country. By visiting a city’s food market you learn about the foods which are grown in the area, spices used in the cooking and join a universal ritual that of purchasing and preparing your food. Vegetable markets, seafood peddlers, butcher shops, spice sellers and bakeries are all distinctive and notable clues to a destination’s climate and terrain. By taking a culinary tour you literally taste your world.

Sample Itineraries:

Penedes & Priorat Delight (5 days)

Departure Year Round Departure Year Round Penedes & Priorat Delight (5 days) with Samuele Colombo is a fully escorted immersion into the history and delights of wine making in the DO Penedes and DOQ Priorat regions of Spain. On this gastronomical journey we visit six wineries, dine on the best local food and enjoy enchanting […]

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Mediterranean Discovery (9 days)

Departure Year Round Mediterranean Discovery (9)days with Samuele Colombo is a cultural culinary odyssey through the eyes of a true local. Beautiful scenery along with detailed history will help you feel a part of where yo are. From Barcelona to Vaencia and small villages to medieval towns, photo opportunities are at your finger tips. Learn […]

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Discover Wellness in Bali (13 days)

Departure: Upon request This tour combines “authenticity” with “well-being” on the island of Bali. A real makeover and “youth therapy” awaits you to relax and most importantly to pamper yourself. In our modern society, everything can become an “emergency leading to stress and fatigue. It is important, even essential to slow down, to inhale calmly […]

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Turkish Riviera History & Cuisine (13 days)

Departures May – October Did you know that by 7th century BC nomads had already started to form settlements in what we now know today as the Turkish Empire? That’s how old this country is which straddles Europe and Asia! Now you can discover the ancient Ottoman’s contributions and the culture which has evolved through […]

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Hidden Sardinia: Guided Walking tour

Departure: late spring (Guided by Simon Tancred, Hidden Italy) This guided walking tour of Sardinia is a rare chance to immerse your self in Italy’s “forgotten island”. Explore Sardinia’s pristine natural beauty. Stone megaliths binds the island together from north to south. Cuisine is full of flavors not used elsewhere. The Sardinians are hard-working but […]

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Eternal Italy (14 days)

(Departures September & October) Italy is eternal. Rome, the capital of Italy, has for centuries been a political and religious center of Western civilization as the capital of the Roman Empire and site of the Holy See but Italy’s history dates back much farther than that. Etruscan culture developed in Italy around 800 BC and […]

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A Woman’s Journey to Bhutan (13 days)

(Departure October 5 – October 17) Note: The itinerary is purely crafted for women traveling and is led by a local Bhutanese woman guide. Nothing offers more of an opportunity to experience life than travel, especially with like minded people. Life is also about deriving happiness out of what we choose to do and understanding […]

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Discover Amalfi & Rome (8 days)

We Do More Than Asia (Departure September November & February – May) Amalfi & Rome is a unique chance to explore 2 regions of Italy in a small group tour. From the spectacular Amalfi coastline to ancient Rome, you enjoy vistas from high cliffs overlooking the Tyrrhenian, visit the ascetic town of Positano Sea, sip […]

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Morocco for Foodies (11 days)

Departure Year Around Moroccan cuisine is extremely refined, due to Morocco’s exchanges with other cultures over the centuries and includes Berber, Moorish, and Arab influences. Morocco produces a large range of Mediterranean fruits and vegetables and flavorings include lemon pickle, cold-pressed, unrefined olive oil and dried fruits. It is also known for being far more […]

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Indonesia Art & Culture (16 days)

(Departures September – March) The Indonesian archipelago has been an important trade region since at least the 7th century, when world travelers brought culture, art, religious beliefs and cuisine to the islands. Today, you too, can experience days gone by on this tour. Explore Buddhist monasteries with their many bas relief panels along with Hindu […]

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Majestic Kerala (8 days)

(Departures May 1 – September 30) The Arabian Sea and the Malabar Coast of India have conjured up magical tales since early days of civilization. So you can see why a journey to Kerala, the state in which this area lies, is on many traveler’s “not to be missed” list. Discover Cochin’s diverse culture of […]

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Best of Chile & Argentina

We do more Than Asia Departures March – November Sip Argentina’s trademark wine on a vineyard tour near Mendoza, Admire the dramatic scenery of Chile’s Lakes District, Sample tasty local delicacies in Bariloche, Discover the elegance and charm of Buenos Aires. Best of Chile & Argentina is a concise tour of great food, salsa dancing, […]

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Delightful Tuscany

(Departure Tuesday mornings, February – December Delightful Tuscany is a private journey through Tuscany that takes you to small, easily missed villages in the Chianti and Tuscan countryside. You home base at a quaint bed & breakfast near Panzano and are driven on day trips learning about the area’s history, discovering colorful markets, eat the […]

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Culinary Vietnam (11 days)

Vietnamese Pho Noodles

Traditional Vietnamese cooking is greatly admired for freshness of the ingredients and for the healthy eating style. The Vietnamese have a strong vegetarian tradition influenced by Buddhist and Chinese values. Enjoy a home cooked meal, visit markets where you will learn about Vietnam’s fresh staple ingredients and tour Hue. The cooking art of Hue is […]

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The Art & Wine of Languedoc/Roussillon (6 days)

We Do More Than Asia Fall means “wine” add art and you have a unique trip to France. The Art & Wine in Landuedoc/Roussillon is a rare opportunity to visit this often overlooked gem of a region “where grapes are grown by the sea” discovered by the likes of Matisse and Piccaso years ago. Medieval […]

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Spicy India (18 days)

Indian spices

Flavors, sweet and pungent, as diverse as India itself. The country’s cuisine differs greatly according to region. The North uses its spices whole while the South blends their spices in a paste with cooked onions and other ingredients.  The North relies on wheat and other grains while the South depends on rice.  A daily trip […]

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Discover Italy

The name “Italy” conjures up images of ancient ruins , Ben Hur, Mount Vesuvius and the buried city of Pompeii. It is a country with diverse landscape and perseverance. Walk narrow paths overlooking seaside cliffs, taste the fruits of the land and learn Italian cooking firsthand from Mamma Agata. Explore the Blue Grotto in Capri […]

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Not all of our tours are listed. Call us to discuss your travel plans 415-331-3791 We’re like you — curious when we hear about a culture or a place and crave to see it for ourselves. That’s what we do. We satisfy your curiosity through genuine cultural and environmental interactions. We arrange private and small […]

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