TRAVEL HAS BEEN MY LIFE, THE WAY I HAVE CHOSEN TO SEE MY WORLD. At the young age of only four years, I remember being enamored with tribes and cultures abroad while looking at pictures of a South Pacific jungle tribe in a National Geographic magazine.  The concept of people looking completely different from myself and living in such mysterious ways while life simultaneously went on as it did for me at home was amazing.

THIS DISCOVERY QUEST BECAME A DRIVING FORCE INSIDE OF ME. I began travelling abroad at the age of eighteen. Having visited more than 80 countries, I can honestly say that I thrive when I step off a plane in a place whose customs are 360 degrees different from what is the familiar.

MY FIRST TRIP TO ASIA WAS TO NEPAL AND WAS A TURNING POINT IN MY LIFE.  I had been working as a journalist in the Pacific Northwest writing for newspapers in the Seattle region and Northwest travel brochures.  I wrote a few adventure stories about my trekking experiences in Nepal just for fun.  Well, one thing led to another and I was given an opportunity to work in Nepal, India and Sri Lanka for new tourist publications which were in the works by a subsidiary of the NYT. I later wrote feature stories for in flight magazines found on several Asian air carriers. I lived a majority of 16 years in India and Nepal including 4 years in Sikkim.

MOVING BACK “HOME” MEANT RELOCATING FROM THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST TO SAN FRANCISCO. I began a second career in arranging travel.  I started in air consolidation work, negotiating discount airline travel and tours to India and Nepal.  After 2 years I took a job managing the travel agency, Parnassus Heights Travel, located on the UCSF Campus booking both corporate and leisure.  UCSF outsourced their travel in 2004 so I began staff consulting for Asian land operators and worked in adventure travel arranging small group tours and private trips for clients.  I completed a merger acquisition position in 2010 for a division of Frosch Travel which led  to Travels with Teri.

THE FIRST HALF OF MY LIFE WAS DEDICATED TO TRAVELING AND LIVING ABROAD. For the past 16 years I have spent my time in arranging others travels. I truly believe that travel took me where I needed to go then and now continues to guide me to the here, the now.