Discover Wellness in Bali (13 days)

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This tour combines “authenticity” with “well-being” on the island of Bali. A real makeover and “youth therapy” awaits you to relax and most importantly to pamper yourself. In our modern society, everything can become an “emergency leading to stress and fatigue. It is important, even essential to slow down, to inhale calmly and to exhale. This program includes local handicraft workshops, traditional massages, Balinese flora discovery, and journeys into Mother Nature, yoga, meditation, and support to local projects. Discover Wellness in Bali is your magical getaway to rejuvenate and help you rediscover your inner peace.


1. We handle all the logistics and manage the unexpected.
2. Accommodations booked are located in an area which lends itself to a peaceful environment.
3. Your accommodations combine charm and authenticity.
4. Tours are conducted by a local and knowledgeable English speaking guide.
5. This customized itinerary allows you flexibility in your program.
6. You visit Bali off the beaten path, in authentic surroundings, at your own pace.
7. Useful information is provided both before and during your stay.


Day 1 – Arrival in Denpasar
You will be met at the airport in Denpasar after clearing customs outside of ground transportation by our representative who will be holding a sign with your name on it. You are driven to your accommodation in Ubud. Overnight in Ubud at Villa Beji

Day 2 – Ubud: Language, Herbalists, Refexology
The name “Ubud” means healing. Today’s activities begin your wellness journey of discovering all that Bali has to offer.

In the early morning, to familiarize yourself with the Indonesian language, you will be taught some words in “Bahasa Indonesia” to be used at all times during your stay such as phrases valuable to get in touch with the local people. Examples: Terima kasih Amanaska (Thank you)! – Sama sama (you are very welcome).

Then, you meet passionate herbalists with whom you’ll discover the richness of Balinese flora and its medicinal virtues in an unforgettable walk through the rice fields. Lunch on site. Attend a herbal workshop for making your own body scrub to be used during your stay or back at home!

In tribute to this first pampering day you will have the choice between a manicure or a pedicure followed by a massage for tired feet: reflexology. A true moment of relaxation! Overnight in Ubud

Day 3 – Ubud: Yoga, Local school, Balinese House, Agricultural Life, Meditation, Massage
This morning begins in the sweet life, with your first session of yoga or stretching (your choice) to take care of yourself. Breathing exercises, asanas (yoga postures) are scheduled to release tension from your body and to reach a deep relaxation.

Discover the traditional Balinese way of life by meeting with local people and going about their daily tasks.
First you stop at an elementary school where schoolchildren and teachers will be happy to meet with you.

The tour continues in a Balinese house, you will discover several families living together. They will initiate you to the realization of “offerings” (Canang sari), an essential element in Hindu ceremonies. Then, you will have a chance to understand daily agricultural life in the rice fields. You will learn the various stages of rice culture (essential element in Indonesian cuisine). You will experience “traditional plowing”!
Finally, take a closer look at a tropical fruits and spices plantation, before ending this visit with a traditional Balinese lunch (vegetarian or classic).

Today includes a visit to an ecotourism cooperative village. The afternoon is free for you to relax or explore as you wish.

In the late afternoon: meditation to “reconnect” with ourselves. Meditation leads to a global “well-being”, both in the body and in the mind. Consciously breathe and reinforce your wisdom and inner strength. A true sensory experience awaits you with a traditional Balinese massage, “Pijat Bali”, using ancestral methods. Overnight in Ubud

Day 4 – Ubud: Yoga, Penglipuran, Tegenungan Waterfall, Meditation
The morning begins with a yoga or stretching class. Stretching brings relaxation and flexibility to the body.

After you drive towards Penglipuran village known for its bamboo work. It is said the best bamboo baskets (basket for offerings) are woven in this village at the foot of Mount Batur. Balinese use them during Hindu ceremonies. You will meet with a group of women who create bamboo baskets (woven or painted) supported by a French – Balinese Association highlighting these women’s work with bamboo. Each basket created is a full working day for these women, allowing them to have a regular income. Each of you will learn to make your own bamboo basket and will keep it as a souvenir of this rich encounter. Lunch on site.

Afterwards proceed to Kemenuh, a small village a few kilometers from Ubud, to enjoy swimming in natural waters surrounded by tropical vegetation at Tegenungan Waterfall. A meditation session follows to calm our mind while thanking our body for this beautiful day. Overnight in Ubud

Day 5 – Ubud: Yoga, Cooking Class, Performing arts, Meditation, Massage
Your morning begins with a yoga or stretching class to align our physical and mental “well-being”.

Then, we will mingle at a local market near Ubud to discover the main fruits and vegetables used in the Balinese cuisine. A journey of the senses! Your cooking class will take place in a warung (restaurant) in the heart of the jungle accompanied by a Balinese master chef who will reveal some of his culinary secrets. Learn to cook dishes made from rice, tofu and vegetables like Nasi Kuning, or Gado Gado. All ingredients used are from local agriculture. Dishes prepared with delight for a well-deserved lunch.

In the afternoon you will discover Balinese Performing Arts. They are very important in the locals lives, like the “Lelong” dance, formerly given in the courts of Rajas. “The Lelong” seduced by her gestures, refined and delicate, and Interpreted on the island of Bali, by young dancers during Hindu ceremonies. A local association, offering free dancing classes to girls, will welcome you and introduce you to traditional dancing moves. If boys are present, you will also be introduced to “gamelan”, originally from Java, accompanying dance routines. It is a set of instruments, bronze and bamboo, where percussions such as gongs, drums and cymbals dominate. Each Bali “banjar” (neighborhood) has at least one.

To end this day you will have your daily meditation session for tranquility followed by a traditional massage for moments of pleasure and grace! Overnight in Ubud

Day 6 – Ubud: Yoga, Jatiluwih, Botanical Garden, Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, Meditation
Start your morning with yoga or stretching.

Expore “Lakeland” in Bedugul, known for its fruits & vegetables (strawberries) and plantations (coffee, vanilla, cocoa). This volcanic and mountainous region with its turquoise lakes is cooler than elsewhere on the island, but this beautiful landscapes are really worth seeing. Along the way, stop at Jatiluwih village to admire breathtaking terraced rice fields, a UNESCO site with a 360° panoramic view!

Visit the Botanical Garden, a vast 130 acres park in the heart of the forest, very well groomed, suitable for picnic and nice napes. After lunch, we will head to Pura Ulun Danu Bratan temple, in tribute to the water goddess, Dewi Danu. The beauty of the site offers a beautiful garden and “Meru” dedicated to the powers of nature.

OPTION: a meditation session dedicated to Mother Nature.

Drive to Munduk, a region developing “green tourism” thanks to an environmental protection program. Overnight in Munduk at Puri Lumbung

Day 7 – Munduk: Yoga, Tambligan, Hot Springs, Buddhist temple, Mediation, Massage
You have a chance for doing Yoga or stretching in the morning with exercises to relax the body and mind.

Discover Tambligan by jungle trekking. Welcome to the heart of primary and unspoiled rainforest! Here, trees like ficus, bamboo, “banyan” (family figs and holy tree for Balinese) are gigantic and millennia, not to mention the lush vegetation with many treasures (flowers, fruits, birds). Having walked the original soil of an unique ecosystem, we will cross back the peaceful Lake Tambligan on a traditional canoe–here everything is peaceful and beautiful.

Later you can bath in Banjar hot springs. Here you can swim in a natural pool fed by a mountain spring, in the heart of tropical vegetation. These holy waters contain sulfur with medical properties and are used to treat respiratory diseases such as asthma, rheumatism and joint diseases.
After lunch visit the Banjar Buddhist monastery: the only Buddhist temple in Bali. Perched on the top of a hill, a quiet oasis where you will discover golden statues, gardens, meditation rooms and Buddha!

learning about Buddhism philosophy we will practice meditation in the late afternoon. Remember the “lotus” position helps you to reach inner harmony. Overnight in Ubud

Day 8 – Ubud: Yoga, Watsu, Tirta Empul Temple, Meditation
You have your early morning opportunity for yoga or stretching session.

Today embark on an aquatic adventure with an initiation to “Watsu“, born in the early 1980s in the hot springs of California. This “gym” combines stretching, breathing and gentle movements in very hot waters (pool warmed around 34 to 35°C). There, physical, mental and emotional tensions will disappear by harmonizing the flow of vital energy (chi).

Then, we will head to Tirta Empul, one of the holiest and most visited temples of the island of Gods. Renown to have waters with magical properties, the temple attracts people from all over Bali.

session to thank all those moments of “well-being” experienced in water. Overnight in Ubud

Day 9 – Ubud: Balinese Spirituality
Early morning wake up with the sunrise to start an “initiation” in an ashram in order to develop your consciousness.

Today is a spiritual retreat with yoga, meditation, contemplation, silence, simplicity and much more… at the heart of Mother Nature. Enjoy positive thoughts, letting go and self- awareness. Enjoy a vegetarian lunch on site. Have a traditional massage to end the day in peace. Overnight in Ubud

Day 10 – Ubud: Climbing Mount Batur, Healer (optional), Meditation, Reflexology
You have a very early start for this magical morning.

After climbing at the top of the Mount Batur volcano 1777 meters (1- 2 hour walk) you will witness a magnificent sunrise.

In Bali, the Hindu-Balinese religion (symbiosis of Hinduism, Buddhism and animism) is a constant search for balance between the forces of good and evil. Good (Kadja) is represented by the sacred mountains, the rising sun, the day, and the “right”. In contrast, the sea, the night, the left side symbolize evil (kelod).
After crossing the summit, we will meditate in dedication to the sunrise and to all positive forces surrounding us. Then, we will deeper explore the volcano, a true invitation to contemplation with an outstanding panorama on the caldera.

The afternoon will be free for you to relax or explore as you wish.

OPTION: You will also have the possibility to meet with a Balinese healer, known as the “balians” in Bali (please confirm when booking the tour, depending on the healer availability). These local healers, or traditional doctors, are real actors in Bali daily life. They are the connection between the world of the gods and the humans. We can find several categories of “balians.”

The first one is symbolized by the transfer of power and knowledge through the family, based on very old texts. While growing, they studied the benefits of plants and the human body. The second category are called healer when they successfully cured themselves after being seriously ill. And finally the last category of “balians” are practicing care on patient, like acupressure, reflexology or massages to rebalance the body with the mind (chakras massages).

To end the day, a meditation session will be waiting for you to nurture your inner beauty before enjoying a reflexology massage. Overnight in Ubud

Day 11 – Ubud: Yoga, Balinese Massage Training, Meditation, Massage, Body Treatment
Yoga or stretching session with breathing exercises to tone the body and soothe the mind.

This day will be dedicated to a Balinese massage training: “the Pijat bali”. This massage has many virtues such as relaxation and body or mind resting. It is considered a true beneficial care, with the aim to re-harmonize the psychic and the physical. This training will be conducted in a professional institute with qualified masseurs, where you will learn basic movements between kneading, stroking and rolling massage. A day of discovery and sharing in an atmosphere dedicated to “healing.”

Meditation session before you enjoy a traditional massage combined with a body treatment. Overnight in Ubud

Day 12 – Ubud: Pamper Yourself
Last day for a yoga, stretching or meditation session (your choice!) with breathing exercises and to tone the body and soothe the mind.

A day “pamper yourself” to relax and take care of yourself. Let’s start the day with a manicure/pedicure or a reflexology massage (acupressure on the feet that can relieve tension in the body).

Then, we have an appointment for reiki massage (vital energy that is used to re- align the chakras, energy centers of the body, and facilitate the energies flow) OR an ayurvedic massage with warm oils. Ayurvedic massage comes from Ayurveda, a traditional Indian medicine, whose origin dates back over 5000 years ago and is now recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization). This traditional practice aims for restoring the physical, mental and spiritual balance, while allowing vital energy (prana) to flow more freely throughout the body.

After a healthy lunch, we carry on our journey of the senses… Body scrub plants, flower or spice bath, herbal facial (peeling, mask, scrub…), facial, shoulders & the neck massage.

A wonderful day dedicated to your “well-being”, to take care of your body and your beauty.

Last meditation session, why not dedicate it to all of these moments of “well-being” and discoveries you made during your stay. Overnight in Ubud

Day 13 – Depart Bali
After breakfast, you will be driven to the Denpasar airport for your departure flight homebound or onward.

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