The Grand Chateau Sommesnil

specialThe Chateau of Sommesnil is a historic chateau situated in the Seine Maritime area of Normandy, in the area known as The Caux – a beautiful and historical part of France. The Chateau has been restored to a very high standard and is now available for short stays or events. It is difficult to imagine a more uniquely or ideally situated property than Chateau Sommesnil which stands in this elevated location above the Caux valley, an area that has been at the heart of some of the most fundamental periods of French and European history spanning back over many centuries.


The Chateau is 15 mins from the coastline of Normandy with its unspoilt rural beaches.
The closest beaches are the charming Veules les Roses Veulettes sur Mrer Vareggville sur merand St Valery en Caux. At some of these you can buy the fishermen’s fresh catch of the day.

There are daily markets in the area at many different local towns, including Doudeville (nearest town), Cany Barville, St Valery, Yvetot, Fauville en caux , Caudebec en caux, Bolbec, Duclair and more.

Cany Barville, just 10 minutes drive, has a lovely lake with water sports and cycling trail. Rouen and Dieppe are each about 30 minutes drive from the house and are packed with interesting places to visit. 45 mins away is Honfleur with its great quayside restaurants, cobbled streets and art galleries.

There are great restaurants in Hericourt en Caux, St Valery,Cany Barville Yvetot and surrounding villages just minutes drive away.

Historic Chateaux and beautifull gardens are plentiful , the area abounds in lovely countryside with rivers and many watermill abbeys Perfect for relaxation and getting away from it all!


Perhaps one of the principal aspects of modern European history found to be at almost every turn for visitors to Normandy is the impact that World War II had on the area from the early days of the German occupation through to D-Day and beyond when the allies returned to mainland Europe finally defeating the oppressors.
In 1940 as commander of the 7th Panzers, Rommel took the surrender of the French Army and the Highland Division at nearby St Valery en Caux, after which he occupied Chateau Sommesnil as his base.

Continuing with this theme, it is impossible to overlook the Normandy beaches where the D-Day landings took place, locations that remain a magnet to visitors from around the world who flock to see these stark reminders of the Allies’ first hard won steps towards freeing Europe to become the vibrant continent it is today.

There are historic locations such as Sainte-Mère-Eglise and Pegasus Bridge where the resident population still extends a welcome to the families of those soldiers who fought for their freedom in this foreign land.

Historical Monuments & Memorials

St. Valery-en-Caux Franco-British Cemetry
St. Valery-en-Caux is a small seaside town and holiday resort 32 kilometres west of Dieppe and 60 kilometres north-west of Rouen.
Highland Division Window – St Valery en Caux
This window, dedicated in June 1990, is a gift from the highland cities and towns of Scotland and commemorates fifty years of their special association with the people and township of St. Valéry en Caux with Inverness and began in the difficult circumstances of 1940 when the German army converged on the town and the combined allied forces comprising the French 9 St Corps and the 51st Highland Division.
Ste. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre
Ste. Marie Cemetery is one of the town cemeteries, but it is actually situated in the commune of Graville-St. Honorine, overlooking Le Havre from the north.
Canadian War Cemetry, Dieppe
The Dieppe Raid of 18-19 August 1942 was the first large scale daylight assault on a strongly held objective on the Continent since the Allied withdrawal of 1940.
Monument to the French 2nd Light Cavalry Division
Veules-les-Roses Communal Cemetery
Veules-les-Roses is a coastal village 24 kilometres west of Dieppe, on the Dieppe to St Valery-en-Caux main road on the Normandy coast.
Fecamp ECAMP (Le Val Aux Clercs) Communal cemetry
Fecamp is a coastal town and port 41 kilometres north-east of Le Havre and Rouen. The cemetery is on the Rue Jean-Louis Leclerc, 76400 Fecamp.
St Sever Cemetery, Rouen
St Sever Cemetery and extension is a large communal cemetery situated on the eastern edge of the southern Rouen suburbs of Le Grand Quevilly and Le Petit Quevilly.
Bayeux Tapestry, Bayeux, Calvados
William of Normandy’s famous victory at Hastings is retold through the Bayeux Tapestry, hand-woven and 70 metres long.
Old Market Square, Rouen
On May 30th 1431, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake in Rouen as a heretic. In Joan’s memory, a tall cross has been erected on this site.
Each year, an official speech is given here during the Joan of Arc Festival on the last weekend of May.

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Calvados is a spirited brandy created, believe it or not, from apples.
Calvados Boulard is one of the most famous brands. There are a number of Calvados producers you can visit: Château du Breuil near Le Breuil en Auge accepts visitors as does Espace Boulard near Coquainvilliers and the Coeur de Lion Estate near Pont l’Evêque.

***More photos and detailed information about the Chateau Sommesnil and locale are availble upon request***