5 Star Reviews for Walking Tours in Sausalito

Photo Courtesy of Cali Gilbert

Walking Tours in Sausalito by Travels with Teri has received 5 Star reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp.

Thank you, to reviewers who took their time to post their thoughts! Very much appreciated. Special thanks to Cali Gilbert who took this photo and others on the walk.

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““Lovely person. Great tour.”
(Reviewed July 29, 2012 NEW)

“We asked Terri for some of her time for a group on a Saturday afternoon and were unfortunately VERY late. For a number of reasons, we kept Terri waiting for a very long time. In phone conversations, she helped us find our way, helped us find parking on a very busy Saturday afternoon, and when we got there, she had a google map printed out for us for our return home to avoid the traffic!! She spent the time with us as though we had not wasted a moment of her day. She was kind, informative and very enjoyable. If you are among the many who are going to see the wooden boat tour, I would highly suggest you also go on Terri’s walking tour… it is a different view of a very colorful community. Thanks Terri, for everything.”–Bruce T, Davis, CA

“I joined Teri`s tour last week, she is very knowledgable about her town, and gave me some good recommendations about some of the fine diners in town I didn`t know about coming from the UK. I knew a little of its history, but she made it very interesting.”–Alan S., Liford, London (UK)

“I took part in Teri’s Walking Tours of Sausalito on its first run June 1st. What a great experience. As a Sausalito resident, I am out and about daily, but never really knew the colourful history of my little town. It was a beautiful day to be out and learning about Sausalito’s past was a joy.

Teri also brought along a binder with photos and artifacts from the past. It was great to look at these old photos and see how the town appeared, and then look around to see how much it has changed (or hasn’t changed) today. I learned some great little tidbits and met some other great people who also came along for the tour.

I highly recommend Teri’s Walking tour to anyone who wants to learn more about our little town. Whether you are a tourist or a local, you will certainly enjoy this experience.”—Cali G., Sausalito, CA

“I had a great time on Teri’s Sausalito walking tour last week. I am a Bay Area Native (San Francisco born) and I have been in and around Sausalito for more than half a century; however Teri’s understanding and Knowledge of Historical perspectives brought to me a fresh view of this quaint little seaside town.

The walk provided for me a pleasant walk in the Sunshine surrounded by like minded, historically absorbed people. Teri unveiled a cornucopia of fun tid-bits of historical folklore and information about the early days of the town’s initial settlement, as well as countless insights concerning Sausalito’s sometimes checkered past. The information she provided about the World War 2 Kaiser Shipbuilding was also interesting—I knew a lot about this subject prior to the walk—but I learned new information —which was delightful.

I met a local bay area photographer who was also a member of our walking tour and she showed me some of her photographs (especially recently taken shots of the Golden Gate Bridges 75th Anniversary). I ended up buying a copy on a book she has published and it now adorns my coffee table.

All in all I would highly recommend this walk to any of my friends—It is a great way to spend a few hours by the bay. I have some friends visiting from Nepal this coming weekend and if I have time I may try and take them on Teri’s walk—there is a great Himalayan restaurant in Sausalito called “A Taste of the Himalayas”—a trip to Sausalito and Terri’s walk could end up as a double treat.”—Dorn C., Rio Vista, CA