Appreciating the Sausalito Community

Travels with Teri appreciates members and organizations who helped with Walking Tours in Sausalito and all play important roles in making Sausalito a desirable town to live in.

Special mention and thanks to Cali Gilbert, who provided the banner for this site. Please check out her Cali Collection for her many wonderful projects including her newly released book, It’s Simply Sausalito.

Many thanks to Nancy Dubois, Chef concierge at Cavallo Point, for her continual support and her sharing of her own Sausalito history knowledge. Nancy does an amazing job at Cavallo Point and has been dedicated for many years making sure that visitors can experience our town and area in the ways which suit them best.

I also want to mention Larry Clinton, the president of the Sausalito Historical Society, who has promptly followed up on my requests in a timely manner. Larry has left no stone unturned as even when preparing to leave on his 2 week vacation that along with another member, Betsy Stroman, he still got me the photos of old Sausalito that I wanted to show visitors on my tour.

Many more thanks to:
Yolanda at the Sausalito Chamber of Commerce for adding my walking tour press at the very last minute in her weekly Tuesday B2B newsletter.

Carol Stevenson who truly made my life easier by giving me knowledge and confidence to get this site up quickly.

Diana Cohn, for her constant support and suggestion on what would complete this walking tour if she was a visitor!

David Spurgeon, for our chance meeting on Caledonia and his willingness to share his tremendous amount of Sausalito history and “deed” with me.

Lastly, Neal, my husband, who always thinks my ideas are the “hottest thing since sliced bread”!