Flooding Update in Thailand

Thanks to one of our Indochina land operators we are able to provide you with a current update on flooding which has affected travel to Thailand recently.

“Flood waters are increasing in and around the city and some localized flooding is happening in some riverside areas. Traffic is still able to pass through these areas and Bangkok touring is still operating per normal for now.

Reports are coming in that flooding in Nakhon Sawan (about 4-5 hours north of Bangkok) is actually receding and that flooding at Ayutthaya is stabilizing. Road and rail links north are still cut off for the foreseeable future. Floating Market and Kanchanburi are still accessible.

This weekend is a high tide situation where rivers/canals will not be able to drain as quickly into the sea, which may cause localized flooding in more areas.

There have been a lot of news reports about airports in Thailand closing. Please bear in mind that only the Don Muang Airport is closed, which handles domestic low-cost carriers (Nok Air and Orient Thai) only. Bangkok’s main International and Domestic Airport, Suvarnabhumi (BKK), is still open and protected behind a 3.5 meter floodwall. The highway in/out of this airport to the city are also elevated and not prone to any flooding.

In Central Myanmar’s Magwe region, severe flooding has affected the area last week. This area is not visited by tourists and there are no changes to any travel programs in the country.

In other areas in Southeast Asia, the situation is better. In Siem Reap, Cambodia, which has seen a lot of flooding recently, things are getting back to normal and there is no longer any flooding in the downtown area.”