Gorilla Tracking–Rwanda or Uganda?

Many tour operators offer gorilla tracking in Uganda at a lesser cost so why would you want to pay more to track gorillas in Rwanda?

Choose Rwanda over Uganda for Gorilla Tracking

1. Access — Rwanda provides the easiest access to gorilla trekking
2. Time — Rwanda is the best option if you are combining with a safari to Kenya or Tanzania
3. Distance — The town of Ruhengeri, the starting point for trekking in Volcanoes National Park, is only a few hours drive on excellent roads from the capital (and its international airport) Kigali where as Uganda is an 8-10 hour drive from the international airport in Entebbe.
4. Trek type — treks in Rwanda are easier while those in Uganda are more strenuous
5. Photography easier — Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park has an edge over Uganada because its gorillas are the most wholly habituated, and they are often found in bamboo than the dense forest which makes photographing easier
6. Added history — learn more about Dian Fossey and her work, also included are treks to her mountain home as part of Rwandan tours

7. Rwanda is an absolutely beautiful, safe country for travelers to enjoy!

So when choosing your tour remember, “you get what you pay for”!

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