Indonesia Earthquake

Per one of our reputable land operators for Indochina:

“Evacuations are underway after an 8.7 magnitude earthquake struck off Indonesia’s Sumatra island today prompting a Pacific-wide tsunami alert. The quake struck 431 kilometers (268 miles) off the Indonesian city of Banda Aceh and lasted approximately two minutes. It is understood the impact of the earthquake has been felt in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar. Bali, a popular island for tourism, was unaffected by the quake.

A tsunami watch has been placed for countries across the Indian Ocean, meaning there is the ‘potential’ for a tsunami, not that one is imminent. Precautions have been taken in some of the major tourist destinations along the Thailand coast including Phuket where many hotels have been evacuated and all boat trips cancelled.”

Courtesy of Trails of Indochina