More on Thailand Flooding

We’re pleased to provide a brief update on the flooding situation in Thailand from one of our on site land operators.

“Central Bangkok appears to have survived the recent combination of flooding with very high tides. No tourist sites or hotels are affected – including Riverside hotels. Most tourism activities remain unaffected, except for Ayutthaya and any Bangkok canal touring. All river traffic is still halted due to very high river levels and is off limits for visitors.

Depending on the daily tidal force, water may reach some tourist areas along the riverside, however this is very localized and never more than a few centimeters deep.

Road links north to Chiang Mai are not advised as the flooding road situation changes very rapidly. Rail links, though, have just been restored. Trains to Chiang Mai are now available, which take a bypass around Ayutthaya and other submerged areas. This new routing adds on approximately 2 hours to the train journey. Phuket, Koh Samui and the southern regions in Thailand are back to normal.

Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport is still unaffected and the elevated highway in to town is also fully operational.”