Myanmar Tipping & Baggage Weights

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Suggested Tipping

Recently, I’ve had a number of travelers ask me for tipping suggestions in Myanmar. With the many people now traveling in Myanmar, services have become not only in high demand but at time unavailable. Myanmar is building its tourism sector so expect rising prices which also means better tipping while there.

Note: To date the exchange rate of currency is about 750 Kyat to 1 USD.

One of my clients was givin this guideline by the French manager of the Inle Lake Resort regarding appropriate tipping amounts:

–Porters, drivers, boatmen — 1000 “chat” (kyat).
–Guides — 3000-5000 chat/day
–As usual, tip extra for unusual assistance, e.g. picking up gifts, etc.
–Visitors should also carry a couple of 500 kyat notes and a small pocket tissue pack in case they need to use a local toilet.

What about the cost of additional luggage weight?

The same client replied:
“I am still not sure about in-country airline weight limitations. We were considerably over the 15 kg/33 lb limit. We were never charged. Various listings for surcharge varied between $2-$20/kg extra! A very good idea to try to clarify for clients. In contrast to the US, the weight for both people were combined, so that is a partial help.”