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Sausalito.Com Promotes Walking Tours Sausalito by Travels with Teri
Published July 10, 2012

Walking Tours in Sausalito presented by Travels with Teri

Whether you’re from around the world or across town, you’ve never truly experienced the city of Sausalito, California until you’ve taken a Walking Tour in Sausalito with Travels with Teri.

Travels with Teri is a fully accredited travel company, and Teri, the owner has arranged worldwide custom travel and small group tours for curious travelers for 18 years in San Francisco and Marin, and now she brings that same expertise to her Walking Tours in Sausalito: A Walk on the Other Side of Town. For one hour, you can benefit from Teri’s knowledge as you tour Sausalito’s old town. While viewing the breathtaking scenery, Teri will share stories about the founding of the town and its checkered past of bootleggers and brothels. With Teri you’ll get to know Sausalito in a way you won’t with anyone else.

An impressive woman with an outstanding portfolio, Teri has a true passion for travelling the world and visiting its assorted cultures. Having been to over 70 countries, a travel writer for a subsidiary of the New York Times as well as active in Sausalito’s community, Teri continues her love for travelling and culture in Sausalito. She moved to the picturesque community 7 years ago and has enjoyed learning every detail about the “beautiful lady by the sea.”

For more information about Travels with Teri and her Sausalito walking tours, you can visit her websites at Travels with Teri or Walking Tours Sausalito or email Travels with Teri

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call 415-331-3791. For reservations, same day is ok, just call to confirm.