Single Women Travel Group

Have you been talking to your group of women friends lately about a spingtime adventure coming out of the slump of winter?  A single women group just may be the adventure you need to rejuvenate before heading into summer. Fifty is the new 30 and whether you are single or have a partner who just wants to stay home this time a single womens travelling group may be the answer for that much needed break from daily routine.   Many women in their fifties have been married or been mothers, limiting their ability to travel and explore their own interests and passions. Now that the kids are grown, and they are happily single after a divorce, their 50s are their moment to take flight. 

Special tours  for single women in their 50s often pair adventure, learning and relaxation with other special needs of this demographic, including seminars on health and beauty.  Theme tours are popular.  There are the relaxing tours at a spa or resort.  Luxury healing spa retreats at the Ananda in the Himalayas is top of the line but there are many more moderate spas throughout Asia to choose from.  Walking and bicycle tours are popular and a soft adventure way to see a destination.   Plan a trek in the northern Indian Himalayas or a trek in Nepal.  A walking tour to in the Almafi Coast is always nice.   Bicycle through rice paddy fields in Indochina.  Educational journeys visiting historical places and monumnets or museums are especially interesting.   Arts and literature give a cultural insight to a country’s people.

A women’s tour can be a long weekend or a multiweek extravaganza.  Any group interest can be arranged and many groups of 10 or more people qualify for discounts.    There are many qualified companies who specialize in women’s travel groups so if you are alone this is a good chance to meet new friends through sharing similar interests.

 Immerse yourself in culture with like minded ladies and consider a single women travel group.  There’s no better way than a seeing the world on a girls roadtrip!