Travelling Abroad: Tips

Travelling internationally is truly an amazing experience so travelling wisely makes sense! Below are a few basic tips that will help safeguard against unwanted events.

Make sure you have all of your travel documents before departing from home. Make photocopies of your documents and place them in your luggage. This will give you a back-up in case you lose your documents. Make copies of your itinerary and a hotel list with contact information and leave with a family member or close friend at home so that you may be contacted in case of an emergency. Additionally, scan travel documents and then email them to yourself. This step will help you in the event that you lose all of your bags or end up in a place without them. Photo copy your trip insurance policy to take with you and always leave the original policy at home. Any claim that needs to be filed will not be done until once your trip is completed.

Invest in trip cancellation insurance. Trip insurance protects you against any unforseen event or occurrence which may result in you make changes or even cancelling your journey.

Travel light. You’re going to need free hands when it comes to passing through customs, changing plans and using public transportation. You don’t want to be fighting with heavy bags, you want to travel with ease when looking around for street signs, travel times and the like.

Don’t look like a tourist. Check your map before venturing out,, dress conservatively and walk with purpose so that people think you know where you’re going.

When traveling with children, be prepared with a bag of toys and snacks to keep them occupied. Most hotels have, activities children oriented. Most important, choose destinations of interest for the entire family.

Do not bring large amounts of cash with you on your trip. Nowadays, large cities in any country accept credit cards and have ATM funds available. Divide cash amounts throughout your bags. This way, if something happens, you’ll still have money to get by with until the problem is solved.

Bon voyage and have a safe trip!