Travels with Teri Partners with Bestway Tours

Travels with Teri is proud to announce its new partnership with Bestway Tours & Safaris, a Canadian based tour operator, which shares the goal of offering unique itineraries along with flawless travel arrangements.

Founded in 1978, Bestway Tours & Safaris is one of the earliest established cultural tour operators around. From the eastern shores of Indochina all across East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East to the continents of Africa and North & South America, Bestway ventures into many exciting destinations to offer small-group cultural tours, their “journeys sans frontières.”

Bestway journeys show you culture and its diversity, history that is not necessarily confined to archaeological ruins, scenery that must be seen to be fully appreciated and genuine contact with people and cultures from all over the world.

Journeys sans frontières
At Bestway Tours & Safaris, that phrase is more than just their mantra. It symbolizes the breaking of political and traditional boundaries. It represents a goal to constantly innovate. It signifies a strong desire to provide you with a level of service that exceeds your level of expectations. It epitomizes existence as a whole.

Here’s a toast to us both for together offering yet more innovative journeys for the curious traveler !