Love Hope Strength – Fighting Cancer

Love Hope Strength Foundation is an international, music-centric cancer charity dedicated to saving lives, one concert at a time. Their mission is to save lives, right now, with the advances that have already been made in cancer care. They do not fund cancer research, rather they use their funds to:

Build and support cancer centers around the globe.

Build Awareness of global cancer needs.

Build International marrow databases through the “GET ON THE LIST” campaign.

With headquarters in Denver, CO and chapters in Dallas, Peru, United Kingdom and Australia, the Love Hope Strength Foundation has performed concerts on 6 continents in just three year’s time. We led musical pilgrimages to remote venues such as the base camp of Everest, the top of The Empire State Building, the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, the glaciers of Kilimanjaro, the sunrise of Mount Fuji, the Valleys of Rhondda and reached out through the universal language of music.

If you are interested in supporting Love Hope Strength and learning more about their work, Travels with Teri can arrange a site visit to one of their program facilities as an add-on to your Itinerary.