Rodrigo Lopez Bio

Rodrigo is the Founder of Travelian Sustainable Travel and is deeply committed to his vision of helping groups, individuals and organizations discover and experience the natural and cultural heritage of Mexico. In 2010, after 10 years of experience in Corporate Sales and Corporate/Client Problem-solving with Telmex, he left Mexico City behind and moved to San Miguel de Allende to start his new business now known as Travelian. He holds degrees in Business Administration from the prestigious Instituto Politecnico Nacional in Mexico City, and Creative Marketing from Texas A&M (Mexico City Program). He is co-founder/organizer of the successful Audubon Eco Journeys program. He is currently on the Audubon Board as committee head for Audubon Tours, and is actively involved with its Birding Committee. Rodrigo is an enthusiastic birdwatcher and photographer. His love of Mexico is shared daily in the outstanding tours he develops and shares with travelers!