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About Teri’s Picks

Are you tired of the same old tour itineraries? Standard tours visit the Taj Mahal, Great Wall, and Angkor Wat. If you compare the itineraries, they follow the same route, spend the same amount of time in each location and often are using similar (and usually chain) hotels.

Worse, these tours are regimented and rigid. There is no ability to modify the tour based on your interests or include spontaneity. Regardless of season, the itinerary, the pace, and the experiences are set.

You are well-traveled and are looking for something different. You want more depth to the tour program and want to avoid the usual tourist places. You also want travel companions who are curious about the destination and not just looking for a superficial travel experience.

Avoiding this rigid travel experience is why you frequently travel on your own, enjoying the planning and also your own unexpected travel discoveries. But for some destinations, doing all the planning on your own is burdensome and may necessitate getting travel permits that are difficult or even impossible to obtain as an individual traveler. You may also enjoy the company of curious travel companions.

Teri’s Picks offers you the best of both worlds.

While you may visit the Taj Mahal or Eiffel Tower, You may also spend 3 days at a textile workshop or venture outside of Paris to the Django Reinhardt Festival. You travel at your own pace and have flexibility to stop and watch that colorful celebration in the streets with no worries about keeping up with the program. You can attend the Naga Festival in Myanmar, in a region closed to foreign travelers the rest of the year. Tours are customized from Teri’s firsthand personal experiences.

What are Teri’s Picks?

Teri’s Picks are specially designed signature tours which bring together like minded people who share a common interest such as photography, literature, weaving, music or philanthropy while visiting a destination.

What makes Teri’s Picks unique?

  • You travel at your own pace
  • We allow for serendipitous events, an unplanned festival, musician performance not originally in the tour
  • We support preservation of a culture through a visit, hands on workshop and included donation to places like Kala Raksha, dedicated to saving the Gujarati arts of weaving and embroidery.
  • We include special granted requests, a visit to a performing arts school or a Tibetan Medical Institute
  • We have a philanthropy slant such as learning how you can help save the Asian elephants in Northern Thailand or understanding the Mandalay Projects and what’s being done to stop child labor
  • You enjoy activities not found on other itineraries such as the Walk of the Railway Children in Delhi, retracing the steps of the Beat Literary Poets or Ghandi’s India
  • We arrange for all special permits needed for restricted areas such as Myanmar’s far north for the Naga Festival
  • We offer you the chance to visit remote villages such as the Tattooed women of Chin and the Black Teethed Eng Tribes of Myanmar and the Reindeer People of Mongolia
  • We arrange private cooking classes even in Myanmar and dinners at well- known restaurants of chefs
  • Your escorted tours are led by authorities in that field such as Myanmar Photo Tour with Win Kyaw Zan, private photographer guide for Art Wolfe
  • We offer festival tours annually, black Necked Cranes of Bhutan, Korzok Gustor in Ladakh
  • You travel in a small group with guaranteed departure from as few as 3 persons and never exceeding 12 persons, depending on destination.-
  • Any Teri’s Pick small group tour can be priced for 1 or 2 persons traveling
  • Specified tours offer you the chance to pay by credit card to obtain those frequent flyer miles/loyalty rewards instead of the standard check payment required for custom independent and small group tours

How can I tell if it is a Teri’s Picks?

Look for the green lotus!special

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