The Story of the Uninformed Traveler

A man who I had met only a few times at community functions booked a trip with a travel company whose agent did not check his passport details. His passport was to expire 2 days short of the 6 months validity rule upon return .

***The USA federal rule states that a citizen of the USA must have a passport which is valid at least 6 months (plus 1 day) upon the date that they return to the USA***

A friend vaguely mentioned this to him. He called me the morning of his flight asking me if it really made a difference to which I answered yes, as the airlines can choose to not let you board unless your passport is within this federal validity rule.

I quickly connected him with my passport and visa expeditor partner company, Travisa ( San Francisco office), who instructed him to immediately go to the US Passport office and told him that they would follow up from their end to make sure his passport got renewed that afternoon.

I received a call at 4:30PM from him with the good news that he had his renewed passport in hand! He thanked me and said he owed me one.

Then he asked me,

“Do you know what I am doing differently next time? Booking my trip with you!”

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