Travel Photographer Paul Sivley

Paul is an award winning photographer with 30 years’ experience in creating images in more than 70 countries. He creates beautiful images that tell a powerful story. He specializes in travel imagery, architectural photography, portraiture and documentary photojournalism. He works with individuals, business owners, and travel journalism resources producing beautiful work from still cameras and video.

When not capturing the products, people and architecture of Oregon you can find Paul engaged in his passion for travel photography in Asia, Africa, South America, the Middle East, and Europe. He is a well-recognized photographic journalist with a portfolio of images from countries as diverse as Syria and Slovenia or Namibia and Russia.

Paul has traveled three times to Myanmar – covering traditional tourism routes as well as the remote north, west and NE. In fact, Paul has spent more time in Myanmar than any country, other than the U.S. and Zimbabwe. He is particularly fond of Myanmar given its relative lack of westernization, its tremendous ecological diversity, the peoples’ sense of grace and spirituality, and the array of experiences one can enjoy.

Paul is a published photographer who has taught courses in travel photography. He is known for his sense of adventure and ability to reach out to individuals overseas to put himself into situations that are rewarding beyond the typical travel experience.

Paul has a Masters in International Relations from Johns Hopkins School for Advanced Internal Studies in Washington, DC. He has received scholarships, grants, and awards from the Arts Academy University, Nikon.

Photos courtesy of Paul Sivley