Your Guide, Teri

Teri Goldstein is a Sausalito resident who loves where she lives and never grows tired of this extraordinary
city by the bay.

“The first time I came to Sausalito in 1972,
I told myself that one day I would live here.”

Teri resided in Asia for many years working as a travel writer for a subsidiary of the New York Times. She returned to Port Townsend, Washington where she gave historic tours in that charming seaport town very similar to Sausalito. Teri moved to San Francisco and began her second career in travel. After 16 years working in all aspects of the travel industry, she started her own travel company,
Travels with Teri, in which she arranges custom and small group tours, worldwide.
Recently Teri has expanded with her

Walking Tours in Sausalito.

Teri has proudly called Sausalito “home” for the past 7 years.

Join Teri on a walk through town
when visiting Sausalito!

Call Now 415-331-3791

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