Susheela Sees Lions

“My cousin and I took a vacation to South Africa and Teri arranged our journey. We had such a great time! Our travel group was small 16 in all and we helped each other and also got along beautifully. We used to go on safari at 6am to see the animals. We saw so many animals like Elephants, Hippos, Rhinos but no lions. We only saw one on a mountain top from a long distance. I told my friend next to me in the jeep that I was feeling bad. She said” what do you want? Seeing the lions walking along the highway”? We laughed. Ten minutes later, our Jeep driver and guide got a phone call that there were 5 lions walking 2miles from where we were. We hurried to the place. To our utter surprise we saw two lionesses walking with three lion cubs. It was unbelievable. They were walking with such dignity. The driver said that that was a very rare thing.”-Susheela, PA